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  1. Enchantment rate

    Nscoft need to change the enchantment rate we spend so many stones e.e;
  2. Demaha Fortress Siege

    Demaha Fortress Siege we die in it from mobs more then pvp ~~ shouldn't be the siege a pvp thing ??? why there is so many balaurs in there + it made the siege so laggy e.e the least u can do is make there dmg less since we all in pvp gear >< they chase us till the end of the map!!!!! what u guys think ? ><
  3. Cool alts dude

    lol Ncsoft should make players not able to put kisk in here
  4. Hello GM Thank you all for the hard work u do in the game... but... Vandal Class is really very Overpower!!!!! like I am in Legendary Gear and Vandal on Ancient Gear they can kill me in 2 skills... not even trying hard.... whats the point of Gearing if they gonna over kill us ~ its really upsetting and made the game inst fear on PVP.. Please Nerf the class... Please ~ I know you guys trying to make the class likable but its not fear for other classes~ Thank you ~
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    An issue where Cauldron Coins could be sold on the Trade Broker will be fixed. OMG! please don't do that i just got back to the game i need to get some kinahh !!!!! listen to the players and what they want for once !!!!!