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  1. Game is really good, 10000 players online daily. Maybe more! I love doing the same quest over 20 times just to fill up 1/8 of my XP bar, Game is indefinitely worth 45 dollars a month! Thank you Devs for all the great content you've made! WoW cant wait to buy enchantment stones from the Game store soon! Game is for sure like Classic, Cant wait to buy my self a DP loot rights ;D
  2. Game is unbalanced in every aspect of pvp Game is just to hard to lvl feels like a job. Game has capped 60 fps you gotten get 3rd party software Shugo Game has one of the worst quests and instances you can think of. Nothing like doing quest and having to kill 55-75 mobs Nothing like doing the same quest 15 times lmfao How you guys gonna tell me this game classic yet you added a store with candy ? NCsoft saddens.
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