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  1. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    Yea i thought the same so during the disconnects i ran command prompt and ipconfig/flushdns and didnt work.
  2. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    I pm'd Euphoria this already but: "Oh for me it started last Wednesday. As for today, i got dc'd 2 mins after IB instance window pop and couldnt login until 45mins later. And next pvp instance window i dc 5mins after which was during altars so i missed that. I tried logging into aiononline.com and it wouldnt let me login. it said site cant be reached. Then 45mins later i was able to login on to sin and aiononline.com, they have to be correlated. " I allowed Aion through my firewall and went to internet options and allowed aiononline.com as a trusted site.
  3. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    Delete Geforce Experience from your computer and the .dll issue should go away. Well at it worked for me at least. It's funny because i was right behind you and a cleric doing the problem solving quest and I go dc'd waiting for you to finish. Could not log back in until 5mins before Altars.
  4. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    Yup that's what I'm going through too. Spamming relogs until one of them sticks before the pvp instance is over or before i get kicked from group inside an instance and lose my entry. What ISP do you have? @WatermeIon-KT
  5. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    I don't use a VPN. I tried aion.bin.old and the problem still persists. My firewall seems okay so the one thing left to try is the 32 bit client. Thank you for your suggestions.
  6. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    I rolled back the Nvidia drivers to 431.60 before the random dcs/sendlogs started happening because it was giving me the error Aion.Bin / Ordinal not found. But now since after the maintenance, i decided to update the drivers to its current version 441.20 and deleted Geforce Experience and im able to login and move around. The second i get into a new pvp instance i get send log along with a dc prior to character selection. Harlot, do you think it has something to do with the Self-Organizing Network (SON) software they pushed to our routers? I went ahead and disabled that via the verizon app yesterday. Still have the issue.
  7. Guys I need help, I keep getting the same problem with Aion. it just keeps disconnecting me for no reason I called Verizon and reset the OTP hub for the gigabit connection (900mbs+up/900mbs+down), I reset the router too and even got a new IP and it helped but 1hr later i got disconnect and didnt let me pass loading screen. I ran windows update, restarted and try to login and didnt work. Then i tried updating my geforce nvidia and my whole thing was corrupted. i got error code 0x00003. So i did a clean install of the driver. Previously, I would run Aion client without a compatibility setting. However after this started happening, I set it to run in compatibility mode Windows 8 and also selected setting to run as administrator. Restarted my pc and things started working again. The only issue is now I get SendLog during pvp instances and then Server DC after i try to login. The above picture is what i get trying to launch aion again. After 3 or 4 attempts of logging in I restart computer and router and it lets me in but instantly disconnects me again. My ISP has assured me everything is working as it should. There are no outages or interruptions of service. During my disconnects i have a 2nd monitor with streams,youtube, or netflix running and suffer no buffering or interruptions. Also, problem started occurring post maintenance November 13th, 2019. Any suggestions or tips on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.