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  1. we can enjoy pvp with ppl +30 abiss set.... -.-
  2. That is right! we need to let they know.
  3. PPL with set +30 imposible to win.......... how i get this event? what can I do? NOTHING!!!!!!! the eye event is now just for ppl with set +30 because is imposible farm alone!!! even get some chest!!!! I can not do neither enchant event because no temperings in broker and is imposible buying in eye for the prices and plus I can not farm the protectorade coins because even generals die in party vs asmos with sets lvl +30............. WTF NCSOFT????????? REALLY???? WTF??????????????????????????
  4. No Temperings in broker, asmos take all fatties in eye, ppl r not doing partys for eye.... NCsoft want we pay for this enchanting event -.- I mean... really??? NCSOFT!!! SAY SOMETING!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Send message to AION Korea, NCsoft NA is damaging the franchise... NCsoft NA signed with Korea and they are destroying the game over and over...
  6. no no, always answer, I did in the past.
  7. Ill be send a leter to AION Korea, I need they see what are u doing with AION an with the ppl money, time and trust....
  8. Hi, I stop to buy nccoins in NA, I stoped my pestige payment, I stop to trust in NCsoft (NA) workers and staff....... ever, ever, ever, in my life I saw ppl like NCsoft staff, if u need competent people to work, say, recruit people. NCsoft is taking the worst decisions, they are so stupid, they never ask to us, they only take silly and useless decisions ... I do not know if I feel deciption, anger, frustration or sadness, I have spent more than 5000dlls in this game, I have had hope when everything was lost, I have remained standing and optimistic while all my best friends stop playing AION,
  9. and what happened then with the quest that you get omegas? AION EU and Korea have them and we do not, that's also what the users asked for? For that reason we need to know all that and make the choise! but they just do what they want... that is the deal.
  10. If we used that event we can do aoe and coe at lvl 66 with alts I mean we get more omegas and supplements. we can do the tower crusible with another charcter and get more manastones +7 and +8, etc.
  11. Then we will not have AIN 6.0 at 100% either, that's what worries me, NA does what they want without notifying their people, that's the real problem.
  12. You are right, but this speaks very badly of AION NA since it promises us things and does not do them, as we are going to trust AION NA if it does not keep its word? in this way, no one assures us that they will give us in 6.0 the same as in Korea ...
  13. Hi again you guys, I have seen that our servers do not give us events as good as in Korea. Not only do they go down more and more to events (snowballs, etc.) They also prevent us from accessing good events which can help us improve our main characters through secondary characters. Avatar 8rty is an event where we can create secondary characters direct from level 0 to level 65 in an instant (equipped with set, armor, manastones and enchanted.) This could help us get omegas in instances, supplements, etc. There are always events for returnees and new players, but what about us w
  14. Hi, I have a question, where r the new gs?? why I never saw them? we should have them in the game before they delete them from aion in 6.0 I think that the existence of these stones is unfair, but since they exist, I would like to use them ... What do you think, guys?
  15. Hi guys, Im sorry for said this but, is no fair to give Titles with that low stats to ppl who play in game very hard to have more than 5 stars, that is a bad joke, they need a good title like aions chosen or someting like that! or u can give to them another useful item like a weapon or permanet mount... Please guys in AION if u give that useles titles so many ppl will stop to play and ur bussines will be broke so fast. People in AION needs and deserve respect, even the 1+ star need have that mount or anoter item permanent not for 60 days.... Be smart and gratefull with ur ppl aion please, tha
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