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  1. It's sad to say that we're in 2020 and still no abyss. I miss free flight and sieges in reshanta so much.
  2. I can't believe how blind can people be. Goodbye everyone, thanks for yor "help".
  3. Ok, that was a mistake, I though he was a chanter because he was at melee range when attacking. I use Shift+F12 most of the time hence I couldn't see him right. However, it still doesn't explain how he killed me with DoTs in less than 5 seconds, as I remember correctly, DoTs take longer to kill a player, as it's not burst damage. I have ultimate pvp set (not the best, but ultimate in the end) so I can't really understand how it was possible to take me down that fast. And yes, you have to believe my word otherwise I wouldn't be here losing my time and yours by writting and posting thi
  4. Do you really think I'm here just to make you lose your time? I checked the full log, sorry not to take screens of the entire log but I was so mad at what happened in that moment that I just took those screenshots and quit the game to post this. I'm not lying, the log recorded the damage amounts I posted, nothing else. It was a matter of seconds, he killed me so quickly (a chanter... support class) through 6 attacks, that it seemed just impossible to me. All I want is an explaination on how it was possible to kill a player with 75k life through 39k damage.
  5. I can no longer access the log as this happened days ago, but I remember correctly and checked the full log. The sum of each damage was recorded in my cellphone's calculator log: 7.716 4.681 2.217 7.353 8.660 4.978 Total = 35,605 There were other damage sources (from passive skills I guess? the light purple / pink text) but I also blocked some damage with my shield and passive skills. In the end, he dealt around 39k damage... still far away from 75k don't you think?
  6. Full HP. I just arrived there to take quests and clear both camps but when I saw him approaching, I tried to teleport but got killed like that. It's ok if I can still be killed while teleporting, sh1t happens, but my real question is how did he do it? he dealt a total of 35k damage and I had 75k life + AT shield buff.
  7. Could someone explain how this happened? I was teleporting (you can check that in log: 1 kinah spent) and after one or two hits while my character was vanishing, I died. According to log, the damage he dealt to my character was exactly 35.605 (that's the sum of every recorded damage). As you can see, my HP is 51k (75k with camp HP buff, which I had). He didn't even dealt much damage (5k critical? lol), and also I was teleporting, how did I die?
  8. Thanks guys somebody also gave me a few hints about 7.0 gear and pandora sets are definitely lower compared to them. However, I think I'm gonna do the quests anyways. I'm kind of a collector and I feel a bit of nostalgia for my EU character, which is fully pandora geared. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone. First of all, I haven't spent time nor effort on pandora questchain on NA, 'cause I want to know something first. I used to play in EU - there, I completed everything to get ulti pandora set and weapon. But I'm no longer playing on EU because... reasons. Anyways, my question is: is it worth, now in 7.0, to get pandora set? Currently, I'm not geared at all - just a few ancient pieces from BoS. What should I do?
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