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  1. Any help would be appreciated !

    I see. Thanls for the tip, I will do that as soon as I get new gear !
  2. Hi there Ladies and Gents, So I am a returning player that hasn't been playing Aion for almost a year. When I got back, I was shocked to discover that they removed most of the maps including Iluma who was not only my favorite one but it was also very important to level up a character until 75. But the most annoying thing that they did is changing the abilities of my class. As a level 69 SM I cannot use any more my spirits until I get to 76. This sucks as I cannot lavel up unless I farm lower level monsters and that will take me ages to fill my xp bars. On the other hand, If I go to maps with higher level monsters (including the new one), I am screwed as I dont do enough damage without my spirits and I cannot protect myself anymore from attacks. Also I don't have any missions at my level to complete so I can get decent xp. Moreover the only thing that they gave me is those ''transformation pots'' which I find it kinda lame. Is this supposed to conpensate us for the screwing that they did with the classes and the maps ? What should I do ? I've been playing this game for years and I really love it but now I am so confused.By the way I am a casual player, not a really good one that understands pvp mechanincs and stuff but hey, prior to these mega changes I was at least able to take any account to 67 without a problem ( like most people could do I assume) Can someone provide me with a proper leveling guide or are there any people who are willing to group with me to take down larger monsters and help me leveling up? Thanks in advance and I am lloking forward to reading your answers !
  3. Any help would be appreciated !

    Hi Forgotten. Thank you very much for the tip. Indeed they changed everything and I had to find the Find Spirit command. Now I am able to summon a spirit again thanks to you :).However the question still remains as to why it says that the skill is unlocked at 76 when I press directly a spirit button ? Anyway thanks for solving one of my problems. Now the only thing that remains is levelling up but since I don't have any missions left it's kinda difficult.. Any suggestions for places that have a decent xp gain? Again thanks a lot !
  4. Any help would be appreciated !

    Hi Aly and thanks for the reply. It's not that I don't have good gear. I have the fledging Daeva set, you know the one that you get at around level 55 when you firstly arive at Cygnea. That also includes the fledging Daeva orb and the spellbook of course. The problem is not that. The problem is that they increased the level of the SM spirits that you first unlock them to 76. Before it was as early as level 5. Now, I cannot use my Spirits and I must depend on my items (basically playing like a sorcerer but a weaker version of it lol). As for the missions, I already have done everything until the missions that were in Iluma. So bassically I am out of quests until I level up to 72