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  1. @Cyan

    So the instance bug in 4.5 was every time u logged out u gained an extra entry. So you would know you already did your normal entry even tho it shows you have 50/2. You could use 1 reset scroll then you would have 51/2. Then you wouldn't be abusing anything. But now there are no reset scrolls and the only way to reset is with luna. However, you can't reset or add addtional entry unless you are down to 0/2. What if I wanted to do 10 runs and I don't mind spending 10$, but now its impossible to reset, because my entry will not reach 0/2 due to being kicked without my consent.
  2. @Cyan

    But what about the people who would normally reset? Some people would just reset and go quick entry. Why? Well even if you lose you can gain 3 etium, which is not too bad considering you can full afk. Now this same person who would normally reset, joined a quick entry and was kicked, rejoined and was kicked again, even without asking for a kick. This player was planning to do 4-5 resets using luna, but now since his cd entry has not reached 0/1 or 0/2 this player is unable to reset with luna. And lets say this player works everyday except Saturday, and on this day he wanted to reset using luna to get some etium. But now its not possible to reset. But given his work schedule he can only do EC on saturday. Now this player gained 10 additional entry and used them all because even if he wanted to reset he is unable to. Before you say he can join a premade alliance, he is super undergeared and tired from working all week, and just wants to enter and afk and watch tv. At the start of 6.0 I saw some people who would just reset ID and go in there to afk. People with money and no time, half the reward without doing any work Same with EC early 6.0.