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  1. Demaha Siege

    Not even hard to understand why this germ or ego or borntwoown guy likes to exploit some bug and stuff. He used to stats hack in pvp instance without any gear change and he was in paralyze. How he boost up to 7k MB, MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the video time 2:50~3:00. Oh, This cheater.... lol... And GM never will never do stuff I guess. Feelsbadman. @Cyan http://youtube.com/watch?v=VUS1ZGUKiuk&t=178s
  2. @Cyan

    Shugo Console is not even a big deal. Check out he's own video during 2:50~3:00 mark, how he magically boost he's magic boost up to 7k+ from 4k+ without gear switch . It's amazing to see how talent this guy is, I wonder what do I need to do to get 3k+ magic boost without gear change. Btw, I totally believe it's a "glitch", I wish I can "glitch" every time I want like this . Make sure you slow down to watch it, the program come and goes very fast, but 7k magic boost during lv 73 shine like diamonds. Peach and love