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  1. @Kibbelz a) weekly camps quest should also give normal xp points besides reputation points from now on. b) runestones & gemstones fragments drops should be at least 03 or 04 minimum, not only weekly 01 (one) single item fragment drop from now on.
  2. Dear @Kibbelz we are very eager waiting for the upcoming Aion Halloween Event with event coffins bringing (one) 1 hour of triple xp buff in October. we know we just had double xp event in september, but we can assure you not only small vocal minority welcome more xp buff related events coming back since it is very popular among players & community as well.
  3. Dear @Kibbelz we need your help, please consider ativating xp points from [event] tree Agrints mobs. farming and grinding them should give some XP points since they are actually pve monsters. The 7.5 patch incentivates us to use xp extractors more often, so all extra xp points are very welcome. It will make this event experience much better I hope and prey @Hime would allow this suggestion and fix! (thank you so much in advance)
  4. @Cyan if possible, please do a brief sneak peak aion 7.5 livestream covering the basic and main changes with @Hime or @Gideon bringing important information players need to know.
  5. https://cmsstatic.aion.gameforge.com/AION_Patchnotes_7.3_EN.pdf
  6. can we also collect and farm Shugo Lockbox coins in Katalam and Demaha now-a-days or is it exclusive only for prestige players?
  7. if by any chance you still have some or any link to official aion 7.3 english patch notes (.pdf) file we would really apreciate it ! thank you so much!
  8. considering the changes on Aion patch 7.3: how or where can we get and farm ultimate bloodmarks ?
  9. We need tips & guide for new or long-time returning players into Aion: Topic: Armfusion which is the best and wise way to combine two weapons now-a-days, considering Aion Patch 7.2-7.3? for example combining a legendary PVE bow with a legendary PVP bow ? i was trying to combine two PVE bow weapon but the stats are not stacking at all can we combine 7.0~7.3 weapons with older weapons (like patch 5.6~5.8 mysthical weapons?)
  10. Today is April 16, Aion N.A. Servers are actually running Patch 7.2 or 7.3 ? (now with some nerfed dungeons in aion 7.2, can we solo Frozen Monolith (FM instance) with legendary equipments or we will be able to only kill FM final Boss with full ultimate gear set and weapon ? )
  11. Yes, You are right. First Re-roll = spend 04 [Experience Marks] Second Re-roll = spend 08 [Experience Marks] Third Re-roll = spend 16 [Experience Marks] if possible, could you please say the name of NPC Vendor so we could locate him/her easier on Lakrum ?
  12. Dear @Cyan Since the entire planet is at home now, more new & long-time returning players will come Aion please consider adding even one more extra event which was very popular and close to aion community heart: a) Alchemy event b) Grand Daeva Horse Racing c) Shugo's Emperial Event d) Return of Sheep Event welcoming more gamers into Aion we are eager to know which one is @Hime favorite.
  13. After using Experience Extractor to produce the [Experience Marks] How we use it on re-rollikng the Katalam Boxes and chests ? Where and how we farm & get Katalam boxes & chests in the first place? Can we do it on n.a. servers ?
  14. @Cyan Which are the newest items found in this updated version of Shugo Sweep ?
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