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  1. *Update* I was talking about the first day seige~ I know on 2nd day and today they start to say a lot of shit in commander chat. However, changing system//gp//seigemode is still not quite possible for NCSoft. I believe since people from TM people already sent a lot of tickets but it doesnt work at all.
  2. So the truth is Mochigirl try to lead but no one follows? It is basically the same thing when Covergirl tries to lead,and every1 QQ. Now is just QQ more. That night Mochigirl is asking for xforms but how many people really follows him, as far as I know is only 2 Including PocoSin. So stop QQ guys IS E been the most dramatic fraction all time and now is more dramatic. * take my popcorn out and watch drama* And for GP reset it wont help with anything. Mochi and Poco still can make gov + commander if they want. Stop QQ low gp crybabies, I thought FB is enough place for you guys to drama about thi
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