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  1. Calcifer I remember you from a while ago. you may be a little behind but you can catch up if you really try. there is very little 1v1 pvp around in the current game. The Sorc has become a little stronger since I last saw you. Your best bet is to play with friends in a group until you get comfortable with the changes. You should have fun while playing the game if you can't then don't come back. If you can have fun. Play with groups, make improvements to your gear, and skills and learn new rotations. Most of All have fun!!!!!
  2. Not to be rude or insensitive but can someone translate this I don't understand?
  3. STILL HATE EC......but there is still fun to be had... hopefully more in next patch
  4. Was this the time you ran away in EC or the other time you ran in EC trying not to die? Oh wait you have WoW on, so it was the other time in EC that you ran away trying not to die.
  5. So I came back from about a month off and been playing again.... I still love the PVP in the game but all the things mention above still get under my skin. I just try to approach it differently on my side. Sometimes i am successful I can let it just not bother me and sometimes it just really gets to me. I just have never understood why people play a game to go AFK or do only the things that are easy. I guess people are just different.. so for now I am back playing and hoping that Refly will add some lost fun in the game for a little longer. one just never knows. See you all in game
  6. Time for me to take some time away from the game. Simply put its just not that fun for me anymore. The game is in such a state for me now I dread logging in and getting zerged down in open world PVP for an hour or two and then forced to get zerged in EC while others afk because aion team has decided this is the only real way to upgrade my gear. Other option is to run Stale PvE instances that have been around almost 2 years. Not so fun! oh lets talk about doing the events that is basically hand the gear to everyone that I worked hard to attain. Going Broke to enchant my gear high enough to be
  7. Please NCsoft next time this event comes around make this like a fort coalition because obviously people will be people and children will be children nobody should have to feel left out because they may not have the gear or time playing and deserve a chance to improve themselves without being harassed because some people think they are carrying the faction. Before you trolls start saying I am whining because I am one of those people look at the DPS meters and I am on some them so nobody is carrying me.
  8. Don't take a trolls word for anything. obviously they think it is worth playing or they would not be on these forums. You need to try it for yourself again and make your own opinion. There are some things better and somethings not, as with any game you can't make everyone happy and most people only care about whats good for them and not whats good for everyone else and the community. Especially in this AION NA community!
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