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  1. I broke 75 an ap legs piece going from +1 to +2 ,so no it's not 100% it may be a high rate but if you don't have rng on your side better go with omegas @Vantheria-DN
  2. Pistol stats: 5.1 mb 2.4 ma 960 crit Cannon stats: 5.3 mb 2.5 ma 990 crit Tbh all you need to socket is knowledge, my sets socketed with atleast +7 stones but at about 150 knowledge (green stat) you'll start getting diminishing returns which means you need to start socketing +8 or +9 and if you're rich +10's >:D If you're building an ma set socketing precision stones is great, if you socket one piece with +7's you will get 240 ma so 2-3 peices with precision in them and rest of your set knowledge stones and you're looking at 3.1 ma unbuffed and
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