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  1. returning player

    thank you for the help.
  2. returning player

    i am a returning player of a many year absence. I left the game when Sarpan and Tiamaranta(i think that is what they were called) were removed from the game. I hope that helps giving a time frame from my last time playing. two questions only...is pvp required? The servers..how do i find my characters? I will be logging in with my original accounts.
  3. returning player

    hello all. it has been a few years since I have played Aion. I last played when they removed Sarpan and Tiamaranta (i think those were the names). I guess veterans will know when that was. Either way....i have so many questions. still PVE/PVP game? is PVP required?. Also, how do I know what server I am on? I am using my original accounts but i am worried I wont be able to find them. Thanks for the help.