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  1. selling acc is against TOS brunao :v
  2. BurgerNao There is different i know and i see.People seen videos of your boys and you not even trying defend them.Your entire friends have t3 anomos weapon and they never seen how the boss looks like.Thanks for watching my videos that i expose your hacker friends and noob players #EatYourWords
  3. Hey guys i forgot something small to say.Didnt Brunao get perma banned for selling stigmas for $$$$$$$$$ on LFG?ouch , sorry for reminding you :c
  4. BurgerNao. Since i see how you do not like to waste time and you already said a lot .Let me remind you that Haon is your friend and got banned for exploit paragon that he bought.Let me remind you when Gregg was getting the weapon from the Melon event you were upgrading yours with Aiyana the other BR scripter.Let me remind you that Bowman your friend caught eye hacking/scripting/no animation hack .Let me remind you that Thunderspank going on Discords and sayign he got GM friends and he can unban people.Let me Remind you that Thunderspank been caught hacking more times than you ever moved out
  5. From all those people here to suggest stuffs. Are the one hacking/scripting aka BRUNAO/Batman/Thunderspank and etc his friends. You should be banned from forums just because of you being Fake and been all caught multiple times scripting/hacking.#StopBeingFake
  6. https://prnt.sc/124nnmt Where is MR BATMAN ?
  7. Keep Dodging my question like you always know to do
  8. Yea yea nothing to hide.Explain us about this ,since this is your Friend right?
  9. Isnt this alt account of urs MR Batman? I heard you been jealous because others got better scripts than you and your little team of hackers.And yet again when someone accusing you and your friends for all this shit.Your friends answer is always "But everyone hacks nowadays, so i am ok with them"
  10. Dude you the worst guy in this thing.1st you got caught hacking multiple times and botting/scripting.2nd your whole team are full of scripters/hackers and can name them all aka Aiyana/Brunao/Bowman/Thunderspank/You etc...
  11. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6tSm0s3ZNZ74dsEiSVDHgg
  12. Y imagine from everyone in the game. You posting a video about hackers. Dont get mad because he does what your best friend clott does
  13. Nice pvp Event, we need more of this #PVP
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