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  1. Introducing Kibbelz

    that was very kind of you, thank you so much @Kibbelz
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 1, 2020

    Question about The Hungry Hatchlings event: If we are able to claim just one single Hatchling egg from Black Cloud Market per account , does it mean just one character in your aion account will be able to complete the event quest, since other alts won't have the egg to continue doing the event ?
  3. Regarding the Happy Wedding motion in the event

    We are unable to pin-point and locate those NPC's location on the map, giving the event Buffs, where are they? Katalam or Demaha ? Lovely Buffs To help aid you in your search for Promise Rings,you can find Serene Love Angmu, a love bird with the locations of Budding Love Angmu, Kind Love Angmu, and Steamy Love Angmu, who are ready to provide buffs to all in the area. Interact with one of them and all Daevas nearby will receive the following buffs for 20 minutes: Attack Speed +5% Casting Speed +5% Movement Speed +5%
  4. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    @Cyan if someone, by any chance, could post here any graphic or even simple Time Table Aion Activities of the Week , informing the days and time periods of Ashunatal Dredgion, Katalam Sieges, Evergale and Arenas, etc. We would really appreciate it!
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 15, 2020

    Please @Cyan , @Hime we need fixing this quest <Windiel's Help> (Asmodians) / <Windiel's Support> (Elyos) We are not able to turn in this quest, it is impossible to complete it and get the rewards. Please Help! It is not working!
  6. Returning player questions

    the general overhaul drop rate settings and porcentage are little bit better than gameforge servers, or has n.a. servers a slice worse drop rate table settings than gameforge has? (considering the wide server configuration, not including any drop rate events nor buffs in this calculation)
  7. [Experience Marks] and Katalam Chests & Boxes!

    can we also farm Shugo Lockbox coins in Katalam Region or is it exclusive to prestige players & users ?
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    Dear @Cyan @Gideon @Hime Please activate Server Buffs too, at least, during those Special Weekends, so we can celebrate Aion 10th Anniversary Cake Event amazingly! Hey! Thank you so much in advance!