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  1. a sin just killed me, I was trying to rest and recover some HP and he appeared out of nowhere when I had 10% HP and he killed me, that class does not deserve any kind of empathy
  2. na if u had a npc that gives free ap some better elyo than u would take it 100% also problem with kinestian isn't his hp skills or w e problem is that asmos always trying to protect him, making alliances and linking in lfg where elyos are, now answer, are elyos doing the same? making a organized group to protect maximus? or anything useful? i bet no. problem isn't the npc problem are the players that u have to wipe or avoid to get that npc that isn't easy to kill. 10m hp aprox both
  3. everyone? only a small group is doing it, most of us we wont never see or farm it, plus + its 40k ap if u do 10 man u will get only 4k, u can make 4k easier farming guards in 30 mins, anyways waste of time trying to argue with someoen that thinks that have a npc that gives ap is unfair for ur faction lel and ye, zap is ours cause we work hard for it instead waste time qqing about what is fair or unfair for factions, almost every asmo has an sm alt to summon ourselves to zap and we need to camp rift + have schedueles and more, so ya if we were big qq queens we were in forums complaining
  4. Can't believe how much elyos can QQ about a npc being "unfair" when they have the best world bosses in their lands, but w e i guess they want more advantage to compensate for inefficiency
  5. why would this be considered an exploit? its supossed to work like that, u kill that npc and u get ap, nothing wrong, theres a npc for elyos as well, called Kistenian in Beluslan u can form ur ally and try to kill him
  6. Don't forget the ones that are using transf candies to craft faster, or the ppl that uses third party programs like exitlag, dps meters, and a lot more, so basicly 99% of the population i guess i have some friends that got ban for ap trading, i can't trust on em when they say they are innocent but i can't trust on ncsoft aswel so, its a dead point
  7. A lot of ppl quited because candies, now if u gonna start to add little p2w things more gonna quit
  8. Time to take a break GL killing bots all day "open world pvp" and farming ap "guards farming-ap trading" and 2 instances that are only worth for certain classes, if korea got 1.5 ,1 month after classic release and it gonna take 3 month for NA , i can expect 1.7 - 1.9 coming in 1-2 years idk if will come back once 1.5 comes (at this rate maybe gonna take 2 more daeva passes for it)
  9. Great news now if ncsoft decides to release 1.5 next week maybe im gonna resub, otherwise good luck extending another month this patch without content me and my friends we gonna quit if no 1.5 next week
  10. what you trying to say? i dont like ap traders i dont like either violence or impunity, but i dont waste my life complaining all day about it, and making my life salty, just enjoy and do ur part to improve the current situation
  11. china had officer 5 stars the first week of release, so china has more ap trade and a extremely rmt, but ppl rather to enjoy the game that spend all their life in the forums crying but well can't change that gl for china
  12. ya they doing it better cause they aren't crying all day in the forums or complaining like in na
  13. AP trader with AP set that feels good killing lowbies, tell me that u are a loser without tell me that u are a loser
  14. seriously do something or game will be die in less than a month https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_QlJS-2zTw
  15. ppl that says whales have nothing to do thats why they want 1.5, are u guys ok? do u think whales or ap traders with full ap set wants 1.5 ? no they don't, cause they gonna lose their advantage if ppl can farm ap easily and catch up with gear. only ppl that we can't farm a **** we want 1.5 cause AD gives us a source to farm ap without being ganked by players with full ap set everytime we try to farm ap also DP gives a real challenge not like Adma or DC bored isntances that u can rush in 20 mins
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