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  1. For a Sin 2 Daggers or Sword/Dagger or Dagger/Sword?

    Ummm, yes, a markedly better Mace will outperform a much lower tier Dagger. It's pretty basic knowledge that a level 80 Mythic mace is going to do better than a level 65 Eternal dagger. But the interaction and balance between Daggers and Maces for Glads is a completely different topic that probably should have died last expansion. For Assassins, the line between Sword and Dagger is a lot more fine, so much so that it's not consistent between players, playstyles and opponents.There is a line of best fit, being D/S, but that only holds weight if your Dagger is roughly equal or better tier than you spare Sword, and only affects players whom have the choice. EDIT: TL:DR; Weapon availability determines your choice.
  2. Capabilities of @NCWest

    I was hoping someone important could shed some light on what NCWest is capable of doing in terms of making changes to the game. I know their hands are tied for the majority considering they don't develop the game, but it would be good to get something like a list of what they are typically allowed to do. Knowing this would allow the community to give suggestions and ideas specifically in areas that NCWest are actually able to work on rather than the boatload of pipedreams the Suggestions subforum is currently filled with. Their naivety erks me. Sorry. I just sort of feel like the community could do so much more to help MAKE AION GREAT AGAIN if they knew what is and isn't plausible. tyty
  3. additional quickbar

    You have like 700 slots in total across 10 skill bar sets and an infinitely customiseable keybinding interface. I'll have some of whatever you people are smoking.
  4. In game Tools

    DPS Meters are toxic for casual players in competitive environments; it's the reason why WoW never had one built in. And considering the devotion and knowledge gaps between players in Aion I feel like adding a DPS Meter wouldn't be as good of an idea as we all hope.
  5. Bring back *real* anti-aliasing.

    Good points. Finally a suggestion made by someone who's neither new or naive, and also can also express English correctly and coherently.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 11, 2017

    So I'll log in next week considering NCWest's record with sticking to timeframes and mergers amirite? I joke. I believe you. This time.
  7. Post your Aion character!

    Tatoe laptop, but I think this does her enough justice to share.
  8. Treasure Chamber Vs Game of Fate

    Gambling isn't good entertainment on a budget. Time is money friend; you'd best learn that.
  9. So turns out Modor is actually pretty squishy

    Just going to point out that they are both Elyos. Don't put words in my mouth now...
  10. Still lame no skill pvp in the game?

    You can't call some players trash and then say there is no skill in the game. For the comparison of skilled and trash to exist you must first have observed polar opposites else there is no scale to model off of. Leave the house. You post crap 60% of the time for the soul purpose of bloating your post count. Bundles of sticks, both of you.
  11. For a Sin 2 Daggers or Sword/Dagger or Dagger/Sword?

    Dagger in the mainhand only was a meme started way back when the 50 Crit difference on Sword/Dagger base stats actually mattered. Nowadays you should just use your strongest weapon in your mainhand and your strongest statstick in the offhand. If you have equal daggers and swords, use whichever weaves the most comfortably for you (for the majority of us that is D/S, but if you have high ping S/S will undoubted perform better and if you live beside the servers D/D will make you a god). People need to remember this isn't Korea. You ability to use daggers effectively is diminished due to inflated ping.
  12. Ranger Status at 5.6 [PVPVE]

    Get the Crit/MA you want regardless of how much Precision people say you need. Arbitrary numbers are arbitrary.
  13. Sorcerer Ultimate guide please

    You don't need a guide to AT/1tickSom people, but Shingxiao's videos are still a really good point of reference as to how good sorcs operate. Little dated now, but still great.
  14. PvP Spellbook (AS vs PvP%)

    If a sorc is worth his salt he'll be using Prov spellbook until another atkpd book with higher MA comes along.
  15. 4k words into updating the sin guide from the old forums, about 2/5 done overall. I'm working on it... slowly