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  1. If you need to ask this question then the answer will make no difference to how effective you are.
  2. Arena

    I've begged for unlimited Arena's, but I think Aion in NA is far gone from fixing now.
  3. While they do not come a maintenance, PvP.

    Devil didn't even have to slideshot.... Decent video though, not bad considering it's obvious you don't have the best ping
  4. Mint peas? I hope so...
  5. Refering Manastones +9 And +10 Calculations

    I wouldn't bother going from +9 to +10. The set will suit just fine, but if you are still keen, use your Creative Points and the information from that to determine how close you are to having +16s be more worthwhile.
  6. gj ncsoft

    Stay humble mate.
  7. gj ncsoft

    That is because the game was designed to be a hobby and an outlet for gambling in Korea, as traditional gambling is illegal there. And no. Dedicated and swiping a card for your hobbies are far from different. Ever seen a dedicated sprinter not fork out hundreds of dollars a year for coaching or a pair of running spikes? Ever seen a dedicated WoW player not sacrifice months of their life not working to allow them to press content? Ever seen a dedicated fisherman not spend a grand on a new rod and reel when his last gets dragged under? How many rifles and sight combos can you reference that cost less than a grand that any dedicated sportsman would find worthy? Aion isn't for you. Unfortunately that's not an uncommon issue for people on the NA server.
  8. gj ncsoft

    Exactly. Purified gear is not for the majority; it is for the dedicated few.
  9. gj ncsoft

    For what reason do you think anyone at all would listen to you over John? "we" killed "u", implying a group killed a singular. Your English is either nyerk weak or your ganged up on a solo player. So which is it plebeian?
  10. Something I don't understand (Small rant)

    The 500 Silence Resist (+more from armour) is the real killer. There is no tactic available against a SW other than full burst with that in the game.
  11. 6.0 info

    I tell new players to be diligent with Luna and Arenas on as many alts as they have time for. Selling supps is okay, but you can also use them to sell enchants to players who are out of supps.
  12. Fissure Xp increase just insulting

    NCwest get every patch knowing exactly what it did to the game in Korea and yet they still don't tweak the game to suit it's audience. This was their chance to set things up for the future of the game and they didn't.
  13. Fissure Xp increase just insulting

    It's beyond me how they can give us something they know will fail. I want to play Aion, but I'd rather not play it in it's current state knowing how painful it is and that everything I do now will be undone in the next coming update.
  14. Fissure Xp increase just insulting

    This patch was in part the reason why Aion in Korea had to go F2P and have the Refly update. Yes, it is still shitty having to spend so much time and effort leveling, and NCsoft have recognized that (finally). I think it was very silly of NCwest to release 5.8 in it's current state knowing full well that it killed Aion in Korea.
  15. 6.0 info

    I need to stop being mean. Sorry @Calista-DN. Anyway, I think it's awesome that there will be no Som any more. I'm taking delight in this news. I don't main sorc as I don't play casters at all.