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  1. State of the aion??? Come back?

    I think if we are all vocal enough about actual PvP events we might actually get one. BRING BACK DAEVADOME
  2. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Yes, but to make an account you need a unique social security number to do so. If someone doesn't play Aion (and this is the only way), they can use their SS number to create an account and allow someone else to play. But I completely agree. The fact that we can figure out the entire game before it ever hits us completely ruins the experience. I do however think that even though NCWest only controls events, that's all they need to be able to control to fix the game. But instead they give us Nutrients every couple hours (Koreans get +10 Manastone bundles and Felicitous for being logged in at iCafes for 6+ hours on weekends) and expect us to be happy without having a PvP event I think since the Abyss was reopened.
  3. Video of Enchanting Past +25

    Tyty Moo, useful as always
  4. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Can you? I was under the impression that you needed a Korean SS Number to play....
  5. Video of Enchanting Past +25

    Getting to +20 is exactly the same as it is now, however the Purified items being enchanted will not break. The rates of going past +20 towards +25 will be similar to what going past +15 were in 4.X (most of KR report around 40 omega per item), and going past +25 are as you see here. He started at +28, and gave up for the day when he was back to +28 after yes, 78 omega. A lot of KR sit their toon at +25 and just level another identical character at that point, rather than attempting to go higher. I've seen a few Assassins with their server filled with other Assassins. Step enchanting, mostly. A player gets 3 or 4 copies of an item at +15 and enchants all of them up one by one until only one item remains. I did the same with two Arena daggers and came out with one at +21, which I sold, but I'm sure someone is still using it, somewhere. Players have also abused the retarded support team to restore items, and this was rife at the start of the year. I know for fact a well known Templar had a few well over +20 Prov Greatswords restored by enchanting them on many different accounts and having support restore them on the premise that they had a "once per account" pseudo rule.
  6. 5.8 in a nutshell. Getting to +20 is expected in KR due to the new gear not breaking, but as you can see, going past the final safe point of +25....
  7. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Tia's eye made a return for Korea in 5.8. I'm not sure if it's still there; I think it's a part of a rotating event for them. Strengthened godstones exist because players should feel a greater need to get 75Aug Spinel armour because of it's innate godstone proc reduction. We also get 1% reduction from archdaeva passives, which is a staple among most player's kits these days. We are getting godstone procced less these days than we have ever before. Heals are increased mostly through archdaeva creative points. You need to spec into improving skills. You can increase your amount of creative points by leveling or using essence cores.
  8. I had a dream that it would be a different form of Archdaeva; becoming a half daeva half balaur hybrid that had different archdaeva skills and appearances. If that were the case I would hope it's like an enemy faction to all players kind of like how you could be a criminal in other mmos like SRO and BDO.
  9. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    It all comes down unprofessional conduct for me, and I just keep going until I find one who takes their job seriously.
  10. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Due note that Accessories will still blow up if they are not the Purified level 80 version, so getting access to +6 is still going to cause people a lot of pain.
  11. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    If I have to deal with support I usually have to ask for a more experienced support member two or three times before I get someone that understands what I'm on about. I've started to record the names of the ones that are useful.
  12. Aion brother hajoon ?

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaa. They were all scared off by the exp grind early in 5.0 and now think they are too far behind to come back now. We were screwed over pretty hard and now I can't bare to leave my Legion because the name has a lot of personal meaning to me. It's kind of like a tattoo.
  13. I think the folder your recordings are being saved to is on the same drive as Aion, or at least the same location as where the temporary files are being recorded to. If you swap them around a bit it should help with that lacklustre framerate. Try adding a little sharpness and a little digital saturation as well.
  14. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    That's a botting issue. Not an unlimited FoO entry issue. And even if they were somehow unable to do anything about the botting (we all know they can), none of what you have listed would be a major game breaking issue heading into 5.8.
  15. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Give us unlimited and untimed Arena and FoO entries and I can tell you 100% it will fix Aion. The players doing all the Arenas will trickle down (eventually) dirt cheap and usable PvP gear to the people who do not have the time to grind, and there will always be a decent (but not OP) leveling and PvP options available to those who want to put in the time. Give us repeatable world PvP quests as well, just to keep the variety alive.