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  1. You are not well read up on Australian Consumer Protection laws, are you? By conducting business here they have already agreed to ACCC stipulations. It's non negotiable. They have no grounds to sue me under as they have already agreed to the laws that state I can repair my faulty product with no fear of repercussion. If they aren't going to repair the broken playability, I am entitled to. I can't make money off of it, nor can I claim ownership of the assets and reuse them, but I can rig up a server and attempt to replicate the experience as best as I can. I've spoken to solicitors on the topic. Three in fact (free consultations are great). Each of them said things along the lines of so long as "digital goods and services are held to the same laws and standards as physical goods" (this is law rather unique to Australia; suck it northern hemisphere your lawmakers all suck) then it is likely that I wouldn't ever need representation should I 'repair' the broken goods, so long as "the means by which the repair is conducted is still legal". The game, and the business model it runs off, are at death's door. As players we should all be aware so that when it does close we are using our rights and protections where we can for the sole purpose of "because we can". These are my rights, and I will use them. If NCSoft aren't going to give me back my $69.99 ($90.987 adjusted for inflation) for my game that had no definitive life cycle indicated -ever- when they inevitably decide to pull the plug, then dagnabbit I'm going to run my private server and South Korea will have to sell their soul to get a trade deal sweet enough to allow NCsoft the powers they would need to stop me. American laws on this topic are really dumb. Even France has better consumer protection than America. Are you guys even trying?
  2. Yes. But they are the ones who decided to sell Aion here, and therefore agreed to our Consumer Protection laws. Law of the land is upheld worldwide, so I doubt NCsoft would be held to any different standard. Our consumer protection laws are better the China's copywrite freedoms, and there is nothing anyone can do about; see the link I posted where Valve lost their suit here.
  3. I agree, though we have an entire government agency that we can go to for free, rather than lawyers. But..... Then this could become an issue for yourselves in the Americas as well in the future, especially those who bought CD keys when the game was first released. The whole "you don't own your games" topic is one worth having, and if producers like NCsoft are able to dodge any sort of liability by simply changing their payment model then it is a massive issue for us. I came here to the forums because I think talking about it will help us all; bouncing ideas off others helps people to wrap their head around concepts, and I think it will help in ensuring that we aren't purposefully hard done by entities that do not care for their consumers. This will be a community wide issue if, for example, NA Aion happens to shut down RIGHT before laws similar to ours are applied nationwide in the United States.
  4. I agree. But the money I paid for the physical copy of the game had to go to someone, and regardless if that is NCWest, there are certain expectations that must be upheld for that transaction to be considered lawful. Well, I've already linked an article about the successful case against Valve about digital goods being considered the same as physical goods in my country, and as such, Aion would fall under the same protections stipulated here. I am aware that in other countries this is a grey area (it's pretty clear here), but what I am looking for is a conversation about how the F2P/F2A model changes affected how NCsoft considers how their product was distributed. For me, when I bought it, it was a physical good, which is as I outlined above, but after the model changes I am assuming it has become a service, and would then fall under different law if that service changed/stopped.
  5. Also not True. Nezeken (and others for which the names I have forgotten) were merely American servers hosted in locations in America designed to give the best latency to players in Oceania and set on Australian time zones. No servers were ever located physically in Australia. And regardless, to be allowed to sell copies here they have to agreed to abide by our law; it does not matter where the product originates, only that they have already agreed to protect us as consumers within the use of that product.
  6. Not true. By selling the product here the producers agreed to abide by our consumer protection laws. And while yes, Korea own the IP to the game, the rights to use my copy in the state in which it was offered are retained (accessible/playable), as stipulated by our consumer laws. Note this document, which clearly states that to sell a product here they must have agreed to the law of the land. Now that Aion is F2P and F2A( for the sake of this thread Im making up Free to Access as an acronym), what you said would make more sense, but as it was not always this way, and was not the case when I bought it, and the game is no longer in the state at which I purchased it at, where is it stated that I would not be able to "repair" my "broken accessibility" when it is no longer offered?
  7. Take this video into consideration Years ago, I bought a physical copy of Aion (and payed subscription fees), before it became free to play. When the Aion servers are shut down, the ability to play the game for which I paid for is taken away, as supposedly playing on private servers is a breach of the EULA. Now, I am a little confused as to where Aion sits on this list. 1. Aion cost money to purchase in the beginning, requiring a CD key to create an account 2. Aion used to cost money to access, requiring a subscription 3. Aion now no longer requires a CD key to create an account 4. Aion no longer requires a subscription to access In the scheme of things, by going free to play AND denying users the 'right' to access private servers, NCsoft have taken away the value inherent of the goods that I purchased, and have not ensured access to that good in the future. What I want to know is; what do NCsoft plan to do for the people they will have shafted when the servers shut down? Consumer protection laws in my country are very specific, very good to the consumer, and are automatically agreed upon by producers when they decide to sell things here. If I am not proven wrongly, I'm just going to assume that when Aion is shut down in NA that I am able to host my own servers in order to continue to be able to access the goods I paid for. As I will no longer able to access their service (which allows access), it would be an illegal practice to deny me this, wouldn't it?
  8. Ranger BOTS all over map

    I've offered to do it for free, on more than one occasion, all for the love of the game that they have killed through unimaginable incompetence. Do you think they are proud of the work they are doing? Would you be proud if Aion in it's current state was your product? You are all being milked of every last drop of devotion and naivety for their gain at your own detriment. Stop logging in and one of two things will happen; they will either fix the issues in the game or shut it down. If the latter is the case then you know they were simply riding it until death, and that leaving it to die without investing any more time into it was the right thing to do.
  9. Vote with your playtime.

    1. Leave a post about how you think Aion needs to change. 2. Don't log in until you think it's been addressed. If you want to participate, make sure to stay on topic. If you don't agree with anything in the thread, don't post. Simple. There are more than enough game assets for NCwest to make something of it, and there are no reasons for them to ignore everything and let it all slip away. My post: I want Arenas that give meaningful rewards and are able to be queued for from anywhere at any time of the day.
  10. Not much compared to rated arenas in other games.
  11. If you need to ask this question then the answer will make no difference to how effective you are.
  12. Arena

    I've begged for unlimited Arena's, but I think Aion in NA is far gone from fixing now.
  13. While they do not come a maintenance, PvP.

    Devil didn't even have to slideshot.... Decent video though, not bad considering it's obvious you don't have the best ping
  14. Mint peas? I hope so...
  15. Refering Manastones +9 And +10 Calculations

    I wouldn't bother going from +9 to +10. The set will suit just fine, but if you are still keen, use your Creative Points and the information from that to determine how close you are to having +16s be more worthwhile.