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  1. Yeah, but they all look stupid as hell. We run around as bunnies and low poly pandas for 3% attack speed; same concept.
  2. The most boring class to DPS

    Ranger is the most fun. I definitely enjoy Assassin, but slideshotting is so much more involving and satisfying. If I come back in earnest one day, Ranger will be the way I go.
  3. New exploit - Kinah exploit

    This kind of explains all of the cross faction kinah trading people have been asking for. No word of a lie; whenever I hear of exploits it's always the elyos...
  4. Older players know the risks involved in going for Tempering Event rewards, but newer players might fall into a false sense of hope not knowing exactly how painful it can be. Full Credit to Adryss. For those mathematically inclined, here's a little bit about plumes. From http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8eUNNG8Ozs (and part 2), there were enough samples to conclude the following rates: +1 - 100% +2 - 95% +3 - 90% +4 - 80% +5 - 60% +6 - 50% +7 - 40% From the results he got after +7 and the pattern, it should be safe to assume +8 - 30% +9 - 20% +10 - 10% This is a compound probability, so we look at the overall rates (3 significant figures). +1 - 100% +2 - 95.0% +3 - 85.5% +4 - 68.4% +5 - 41.0% +6 - 20.5% +7 - 8.21% +8 - 2.46% +9 - 0.493% +10 - 0.0492% So how many plumes and tempering solutions would be required for each level on average? The plumes are easy - take 1 and divide it by the compound probability (3 significant figures). +1 - 1.00 +2 - 1.05 +3 - 1.16 +4 - 1.46 +5 - 2.43 +6 - 4.87 +7 - 12.2 +8 - 40.6 +9 - 203 +10 - 2030 Tempering solutions are a bit trickier. You need to create an infinite geometric series, which is (a/1-r). a should be the tempering solutions required for the previous level on average, plus 1, and r should be the rate of failure. With this, we get these amount of solutions (3 significant figures): +1 - 1.00 +2 - 2.11 +3 - 3.45 +4 - 5.56 +5 - 10.9 +6 - 23.9 +7 - 62.2 +8 - 211 +9 - 1060 +10 - 10600
  5. Clerig pvp - block or agility set??

    An SR set gives you no HP cushion to fall back on in case of a good caster in group play, and Crit will be more prevalent than ever in 5.8 as higher enchanted gear allows for higher attack floors to maintain kill potential while investing in Precision. Tbh, both Block and SR sets will be effective, but against a Precision player or a caster, Block will continue to be useful where as SR will not.
  6. I have been cheated

    Please do not abuse the gold seller report function.
  7. Plume Statistics - Old Forum Repost

    Sorry for the slow replies. I have to decide whether playing 5.8 is worth it by judging Korea's 6.0 update before I come back to play. Based on the assumptions made for these calculations, yes. These numbers are to 'ensure' a +10, where as we all know it's very possible to get lucky. The players I know that have theirs told me between 2k and 4k was the consensus on spending. These are the old plumes, which before 5.8 had no cap. There was an infamous Korean with a +50 blue plume, and I think Hhwans on KT stuck to a regular plume as well. I'm not sure what he had his at, but he had a Peitans weapon on top, so we can go figure. No, if you purify a +20 plume at the moment you will receive a +0 Pure Plume afaik. Purfiying a +10 Plume will reward you with a +2 Pure Plume after 5.8, but I think that's as far as forward tempering you can go. You are in for much pain. I wish you the best of luck, but do not expect to get a +7 Plume from that alone. I would prepare for 3 or 4 attempts at +6 and step temper them all until only one plume hasn't failed.
  8. Plume Statistics - Old Forum Repost

    In the 5.8 update, normal plumes are capped at +18, thus there is almost no reason to continue tempering normal plumes any more.
  9. Best title for chanter?

    Filthy Elyos How do you look at yourself in the mirror each day?
  10. Crucible Hero's Draft

    Typical response from someone unable to formulate a compelling argument. Seeyas!
  11. Crucible Hero's Draft

    Losing to someone who has spent more money (or time, since they are interchangeable) is endemic to almost every single competition environment on the planet. I don't understand how spending $100 in a day to get 10mins of power isn't fair, no one has explained why that's an unfair deal nor has anyone offered a replacement or a viable resolution. This thread is a whinge.
  12. State of the aion??? Come back?

    I dunno. I've found that session based games are more cancerous than any MMO I've played.
  13. Crucible Hero's Draft

    I came into this thread to state the arena season start dates. Old mate asked me how I would feel about it and I gave him a way to possibly claw out a win against a draft player in Arenas without paying money if he really cared that much about being defeated. I used my 30s invinciblity to calmly lure a draft gladiator to the edge of the bridge in discipline. I jumped off and then glided back onto the bridge. His auto-follow ran him off the bridge and it got me the kill I needed to win alongside some mint Windwalk cheese. No. It's not effective everywhere. No. It's not possible for every class to do this against every class as every class. But to that I say you picked the wrong class. I know when I have been defeated by gear, or if I misplayed hard and deserved a loss or if it's because someone popped a $100 buff cause they REALLY wanted to win. I certainly don't tear up the forums complaining about it cause those players forking out are paying the way to keep the game alive. Maybe not healthy, but alive at the very least.
  14. Crucible Hero's Draft

    I literally beat a draft player the other day by using a 30s Invince and then abusing hide for the rest of the Arena. There are some classes it doesn't work against, but there are some classes you aren't going to beat anyway as an Assassin. Regardless, if you have such a massive issue with people spending $100 to win a single arena match OUTSIDE of the ranked season, then you would probably care enough to have 1 or 2 opportunity bundles on hand to give you a fighting chance the next time you see someone pop one. No. Not until March 3rd I think for Discipline. April 18th I think for Tenacity.
  15. Crucible Hero's Draft

    Then I guess you don't really care about the season at all. Why bother making the comments then? You are sounding like a salty casual.
  16. Ping is an excuse. And I know some blokes in Sydney who get sub 170s, which is more than enough to shit on Americans who "can't play" when their ping is over 100.
  17. Crucible Hero's Draft

    If you actually cared about the Arena season you would lose every match outside of the season to get Opportunity tokens in order to get free wins that their contents ensures once it starts. A single Opportunity Bundle will beat a Crucible Draft. Invincibility>PvP Attack/Def
  18. Crucible Hero's Draft

    Season doesn't start until March 2018 for Discipline or April for Tenacity
  19. Forget to add that all of Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines also typically play on NA servers.
  20. It seems as though the platform will be partially free. It's likely that people who continue to pay will get far more instance resets and exp buffs compared to those who do not. The vast majority of the Koreans are not happy with what's been announced recently, be it 6.0 news or the new model.
  21. I'm not sure, but I think I remember reading somewhere that Sorcerer DP skills dealt damage split between physical and magical, but still scaled with MB. Also not sure if that applies to balaur damage as well, but it makes sense that it would be the same.
  22. Video of Enchanting Past +25

    They are upgraded Harvester. I hope we get them. It would be a shame to miss out on content designed for the current game.
  23. 5.8 in a nutshell. Getting to +20 is expected in KR due to the new gear not breaking, but as you can see, going past the final safe point of +25....
  24. State of the aion??? Come back?

    I think if we are all vocal enough about actual PvP events we might actually get one. BRING BACK DAEVADOME