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  1. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item:100901786 Like these? I've checked all my normal sources and cross referenced their item codes in game and I haven't found a single link, do you know anywhere that has stats or an item number or something? The Korean Powerbook doesn't have anything on them, or the item I linked either. I NEED STATS MANNN
  2. Clerig pvp - block or agility set??

    You are correct. However the better clerics I know simply use an ABG Chain Hood in place of spending 17+ Sockets on Agility.
  3. Clerig pvp - block or agility set??

    Block sets offer higher effective damage reduction for less overall wealth investment.

    Practice this at every available moment. If you can do this you will be better than 90% of rangers in Aion already.
  5. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    I just can't agree with giving good rewards from events that do not affect gameplay, or reward good gameplay.
  6. Improve custom skill chain settings

    1. I think Sorcerers and SW are already having a too simple of a time as it is without having to think even less about their rotations 2. Macros already do this don't they? And this would give Casters wayyyyyyy to much power I think 3. I don't know what the rage spell CD is, but if it has a CD of like 10s or w/e, sure, this would be a half decent QoL change 4. Naw, good timing should be required and rewarded, not standard 5. Naw, tracking your skills and CDs should be rearded, not standard 6. Naw, good timing should be required and rewarded, not standard 7. Maybe, I'd have to feel the effects in game to know how it would affect gameplay before I could agree on it
  7. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    Events are to supplement your methods to acquire items, not completely replace them. Good events devalue actually playing the game. If I had it my way events would be things like Daevadome, and World Boss spawns, or something like double (or hell, infinite) Arena entries. Get players active and out into the world. Rewarding gameplay in new or interesting ways. But instead people want great gear from Snowball armies...
  8. So running one or two extra characters through AoE 3 times to get 100+ Chronos stones a week is too much of an addition to playing your main? But yet you have time to do 13 characters worth of Luna.... You can't JUST do Luna without doing AoE on the character as well in order to get Supps to even USE the Omegas you acquire. And you only even need to do that when the character HAS Omegas to use. 13 S-Ranks a day would net, typically, 3 Omegas a day. A week of that is at least one +15 item a week if you do a few AoE. Buy an Ahserion weapon for ~800m. Sell for 2b+. Every week. And somehow you can't compete? What are you doing wrong? You are serving to prove my point further that the people complaining aren't playing intuitively and using the resources available to them. And there are people who haven't payed a cent competing with "P2W" players every day, so not only is your filller word 'literally' useless, but the statement has no basis of truth behind it at all. I'm rather done with this thread. Bads will be bads. They will get mads and sads. Smart players will be glads.
  9. Going to 4k would be pretty OP. Melee wouldn't stand a chance anymore I dont think.
  10. How many toons do you think I put through Arenas, AoE, CoE and the Spire each week? I brought up Luna because ANYONE can do it with very little input. The game limits you by your instance entries, and the only way around that is to level and use more characters to multiply that number or to pay your way. It's ALWAYS been this way. This is not a new aspect of Aion in any way, shape or form. If you wanna get down and dirty with it, at level 50 people sometimes DIDN'T run the upper fort instances on their mains, and instead pumped alts through. Why? If a glorious DDG weapon dropped they were then go in and loot it, or be able to bid for Loot Rights to go in and get it, rather than bank on getting a drop on their main's only runs. I think it would be best not to make assumptions about me and what I find fun. Sorry. But Aion has always been a game that demands that it is your only hobby to be any good at it. Back in the day we accepted it and applauded the people who were dedicated. These days we complain it's too hard, call these people nerds, or completely devalue their hard work by painting them as "Pay2Win" bads. Everything else you have stated is pretty spot on, but the MB cap is being increased from 3200 to 3300, not to 3.8-4k ish.
  11. [Aion 5.8] New Armor & Weapons

    Ohh truueee, the link I had was just a full korean translation, the kr pb only lists http://aion.power.plaync.com/item/100201919 as the highest base damage PvP weapon. How are items being licensed for Aion outside KR?
  12. [Aion 5.8] New Armor & Weapons

    It's on the Korean Powerbook...
  13. Lie to me more about how hard getting resist gear in BC was. You're proving my point ever further. You have no idea what hard work is, and you are at the peak of ignorance in assuming you do. You're a scrub, and everything you type only further serves to prove that. Protip - My gear is displayed here on the forums for all to see.
  14. I'd say so, not for a while though. You might get lucky and they might bring them back somehow for Christmas, but I expect they'd make us wait a little longer than that.
  15. This isn't the place for what I'm about to say, but I'll do it anyway. I knew this would come up. Stop trying to compare Aion to other games and using the differences as justification for Aion being too hard or "pay2win". If you ran "plenty of Alts" you would have no problem competing with the "Pay2Win" players. Mate, you have no idea what working towards being competitive is, and that is clear to everyone that reads what you have typed. If you aren't willing to do what is required to compete then do not complain when you are beaten by people who are. Playing the game "your way" isn't enough, and you are complaining about it because you honestly have no clue what -is- enough. I raided in WoW until I had blisters on my fingertips. I kept raiding until those blisters burst, and when they did I put bandaids on them so I could keep raiding. And when there were enough of us in the group who were bleeding onto our keyboards we were sent off to grind materials for people who weren't bleeding and were able to stay awake. And we did this on nyerking dial up internet with grins on our faces. You are a scrub who has no inkling as to how much work being the best at something requires, and if you think it's all about skill and not about raw effort and hard work then you are sorely mistaken. Mic drop
  16. are people happy with current gameplay?

    My god glads have fallen a long way since Uhiwi and Etrigan
  17. are people happy with current gameplay?

    No one follows behind someone they can't see with buffs they prepopped. The fact that this guy is a general also implies he bought his account.
  18. [Aion 5.8] New Armor & Weapons

    Yes. I have spent hours looking to find the source of this super OP gear though, and I haven't found ANY leads. I haven't found any Korean player on the KR/CL using this gear either.
  19. Essence Core like srsly stuff these items

    How many alts do you have doing Luna to pump your main character with Omegas?
  20. Well, considering enchanting armour has safe points at 10, 15, 20, 25 and 28 in 5.8, gear nolonger breaks upon failure, and that anyone who honestly cares about the game is running a full server of alts to gather Luna Omegas with, I like the idea that we are going to be able to continue to invest in a character if we chose to. How many alts do you have? How many Luna dailies do you do a week? How many AoE runs do you do a week? You can pay money or play the game more, and I find the people that complain about P2W do neither.
  21. are people happy with current gameplay?

    I watched the video, saw you didn't weave, and instantly decided your opinion was founded upon a lack of experience in Aion.
  22. Did some further digging, https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item:167010376 https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Version:58.17.1010 And of the Koreans that will respond to me in English, some say they got them from a Daevadome like event and others say from a shugo event? https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item:186000456 So I guess I was wrong to say we should prepare to craft them....
  23. I can assure you. +12 Stones are a thing. http://aion.plaync.com/characters/01056-00928E Check the above player's weapons. Very few players have them socketed, but I don't just say things without doing my research. I should note that I've found only about 10 different characters that show +12 stones, and even the Koreans aren't sure how they got them. http://aion.gamechosun.co.kr/board/view.php?bid=forum&num=590979
  24. LUNA - Taki's Mission BOSS HP RESET

    I've had mobs in the Spire rest on me before. Just consider that Aion isn't a perfect game and that eventually you will encounter some strange things. It could have been due to any number of things lining up at the perfect time, making it hard to replicate as well. If it does occur again, make sure you have some sort of DVR software to record a clip to send to support so they can see if it's something they can fix.
  25. Do we know if these bonuses apply if the weapon is attached as a combine or if it would be overwritten by a larger bonus?