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  1. Luna dalies and Chronos stones. Getting manastones to +12 and enchanting gear past +20 is going to be far too much of a grind for a single character. Alts are a great way to keep up, and are imperative if you do not wish to pay lots of money.
  2. We know exactly what 5.8 brings because of the Korean Powerbook, and you can trust me when I say you are going to want as many AoE capable alts as possible.
  3. Low cast time abilities can still be jump cast and landing anim canceled. A 1sec cast time should fit between weaves pretty nicely, and anything with a longer cast time can be used coming from hide for safe use. I didn't check on Ranger changes coming into 5.8, but consider that it is a balance patch as well as a content patch, and if they are unchanged by then it's likely because they are still strong skills when used intuitively.
  4. The Enchantment System is already being revamped in the next major patch. In 5.8 most gear no longer breaks, and there are safe spots at +10, +15 and +20 for Armour and Weapons , and +6 for Accessories. At a slightly later date (probably will be bundled together for NA release) there is also a safe spot at +25. Ill note that enchanting after +15 will still is as hard as it is now, and getting past +22 will be considered a very expensive endeavor
  5. Were these tests down while blasting eurobeat and completely intoxicated? I don't do any serious enchanting without these two vital conditions.
  6. Had this in my guide for a month already =P
  7. I am far more afraid of a 39% Attack Speed/22% Cast Speed SW than I am of a 39% Cast Speed/22% Attack Speed SW, if that helps.
  8. I use Battleping. For years I bounced around between services, but only BP has given me consistent, stable ping that has worked for me from multiple locations. RTL works, but I found that when I go round my brother's house on the other side of town it just REFUSED to function properly, often giving me ping spikes between 190 and 400ms, no matter what I did.
  9. From a total of 17 Essence Cores, only using solutions I have a full set at +4. I've always had the inkling that my Sin was born to be great considering the god tier rng she gets, but I honestly don't believe that from 20 cores you didn't get one to +3
  10. I have two that I definitely recommend; 1. Magician,by Raymond E. Feist It's a classic, and I consider it to be de rigeur to anyone who is interested in fantasy 2. Tales of the Otori, by Lian Hearn Set in a fantasy feudal Japan; it follows the life of an orphan prodigy from his coming of age, his young love coming to fruition and changing tides of war and politics. It has both prequels and sequels for you to indulge in if you really enjoy it Whenever I feel like getting back into heavy reading as a hobby, I often reread one of these to help me get back into the swing of thing
  11. I only solo PvP. However that means very little as there is almost no incentive to solo world PvP. You either; A. Kill people clearly not out to solo PvP and are just grinding or questing B. Get stomped by a group or a collection of players My routine is often run out, engage immediately on the first player I see, regardless of class, rank, etc, and then proceed to get 2v1'd by who I engaged on and the Sin in hide, or by the rest of the team that appears, or the Ely just runs to the zone travel lillies/birds where they have friends waiting. The logic however is sound. If your enem
  12. I've got 71 Luna Light atm, still waiting for anything decent with a decent craft to pop up. Luna is kinda shite.
  13. Everything is quick and easy to use when we pop flurry, but considering we cannot weave any faster than our AS cooldown, you should always be filling that with your hardest hitting ability, which will always be a physical damage skill. But this isn't the place to debate this. As far as rewarding players for stacking classes, the problem with that is people will simply stack what turns out to be the most OP, regardless.
  14. It's an artificial market created by NC from the beginning. It's like charging hundreds for tomato seeds and then using that as justification for the high price of a tomato. While I don't expect everyone to understand economics, this is basic. Also, protip: "Literally" is a complete filler word.
  15. No sin worth his salt will be using rune bursts in PvE outside of self healing.
  16. You are proving my point by saying that.
  17. Not a fan. With the even momentary addition of Contracts and Minium to the BCM you have widened the gap between regular players, whom populate the world by majority, and the paying players. I can ensure you once players are hit by the 6k damage nukes made available by max level minions they will look up where the source of damage was and realise the paywall the must overcome to enjoy any sense of accomplishment in PvP. The monstrous HP bonus is an insurmountable difference, and trying to compete on what is essentially an unfair playing field is far from what people want when they log in
  18. Again, it's an issue on Danaria, and these problems would still exist if the sieges were Alliance based. In warfare, shitty generals lead to defeat, and the populous rise up in revolution. Your server is just Russia in WW1.
  19. The double PvP book should deal more damage given you are reaching the MB cap on the target though right? My sin has 2.2k Msup, so as long as you have 5.4kMB (5.5k next patch) it should result in increased damage?
  20. The NCwest team do not have the power to take the coalition mechanic out of the game. They do not develop the game, and at most for this aspect, can only forward your opinion to NCKorea. It also works just fine on Katalam, and the Koreans don't seem to mind it at all. You do not get my vote, but I understand your frustration.
  21. I wouldn't worry about it. You will outlevel any quests left in your log very quickly, and old quests have useless rewards. The gear you get from new quests makes anything from 3 years ago almost instantly obsolete.
  22. I think they should increase it based on how much GP the character has earned in the week. It means players whom actually participate have an extra reward, and bots that do literally no GP content will not be able to benefit from it.
  23. This. Defs don't want to have it up without UD or IS lest you really want to feel the pain in aethers hold
  24. PvP Context I use RRP as a window for burst as an Assassin, as the phys def reduction is free damage that, when combined with the 2.3x crit mod of the dagger, stacks up very quickly. It's possible that, tactically speaking, you should avoid using RRP unless you have a reliable defensive buff up, or your CC rotation available.
  25. He is misinformed, or he isn't expressing what he understands clearly enough. For example, enchanting your armour will increase your White attack, but will not alter the damage stated in the tooltip of your skill, however it WILL increase the overall damage done when you use that skill. All +Attack will increase physical damage. Green attack will increase the damage you deal with skills, but only Weapon attack will increase the skill tooltip damage. When I'am a little more motivated Ill do an infographic or video or something to clear up this confusion, cause it seems like no matter how
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