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  1. Dagger in the mainhand only was a meme started way back when the 50 Crit difference on Sword/Dagger base stats actually mattered. Nowadays you should just use your strongest weapon in your mainhand and your strongest statstick in the offhand. If you have equal daggers and swords, use whichever weaves the most comfortably for you (for the majority of us that is D/S, but if you have high ping S/S will undoubted perform better and if you live beside the servers D/D will make you a god). People need to remember this isn't Korea. You ability to use daggers effectively is diminished due to inf
  2. Get the Crit/MA you want regardless of how much Precision people say you need. Arbitrary numbers are arbitrary.
  3. You don't need a guide to AT/1tickSom people, but Shingxiao's videos are still a really good point of reference as to how good sorcs operate. Little dated now, but still great.
  4. If a sorc is worth his salt he'll be using Prov spellbook until another atkpd book with higher MA comes along.
  5. 4k words into updating the sin guide from the old forums, about 2/5 done overall. I'm working on it... slowly
  6. Have two bows, one Socketed full Precision, one full Power. Swap to Prec bow against MR/Block/SR targets, and swap to Power bow against squishies. I would want at least 2.5k MA with the Precision bow out.
  7. You could try Support. They are notoriously sketchy on the whole, and would probably restore the item to you if you word your post correctly.
  8. Shugo and Shulack And have both of them abbreviated to SH muahahahaha
  9. I have been up for about 5 hours now being a grammar nazi on the forums (I just respond to posts and delete them without posting; no one really wants to be told how to use a semi-colon and I understand that) avoiding making a conscious choice of which of the amazing female characters in Persona 5 I would prefer to romance. In Persona 3, I chose Mitsuru (Empress Arcana), and Yukiko in Persona 4 (Priestess Arcana). In both of these games there was -no- competition [/opinion ]. Now, in Persona 5, I can't bring myself to continue playing without deciding. Please share your opinions with me f
  10. What is your MA? My 'judge a book by the cover' skills are telling me you simply don't have enough MA to be able to reliably chain bury. Signet resist much? Either become a 3m CD hero with Slayer and Oath or buck up and resocket Precision until you have a working level of MA.
  11. Depending on your class, Boundless or Arena gear might better suit. For new players, I definitely recommend Boundless. It's cheap to get and doesn't require augmenting, which will allow you to focus AP on other things like a 75A weapon.
  12. Godstone suppression is paramount in the current gear meta. 4% Paralyze godstones are going to tear apart any player without Boundless or Abyss armour. Do not invest heavily in armour without %GSS or you will eventually quit the game, regretting all the wasted effort. Due note that a level 65 set at +15 or higher and socketed efficiently will likely outperform any Archdaeva not properly manastoned and enchanted, as control in combat stems from your ability to deal damage and incite fear. A fight you control is a fight you can win. As for weapons, I would go with a "patch tier" 2h Top wea
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