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  1. I have played Aion since it's beginnings.  I loved the fact that you could go to the Abyss.  Yes, there were dangers there but you knew it going in.  In some lands rifts occurred and there were level restrictions for incoming and outgoing.  The game seemed more fun then.  This game breeds a natural hate.  Some Elyos would love to never have to fight and I know many Asmos who feel the same.  There is a term I use for players who purposely lie in wait on newbies just so they can pick them off.  Who purposely deprive the other side of ever completing the quests they are attempting to complete.

    Lately I have been purposely not engaging and some on both sides just "walk on by" without engaging.  For some who would never think of attacking another person get very thin skinned after getting killed over and over again.  It would be nice if there were lands that were completely "neutral" where you didn't have to look over your shoulder every minute, while gathering.  That is another thing.  Not just myself but other players I know who spent a great deal of time going up alchemy for example, and many days collecting materials and creating potions and scrolls log in one day to find all those crafting materials are worthless now, and many ways of creating "in game income" are now gone.  Not to mention also being unable to swap items between the various toons on my account.  

    I guess a few cheaters have made the game harder for everyone.  Remember the "bad check writer caused the merchant to no longer accept checks, well in this case, a few cheaters (hackers) have caused the game to change for everyone.  There has NEVER been enough storage space for anyone to excel in game.  This game has never properly rewarded those who took the time to craft.  Last but not least, the "enchantment process."  Let's take camps, and do kill quests, and gather hundreds of enchantment stones just to watch them pop.  I have always felt this was Aion's weak point in the game and still do.

    p.s.  Yes, I know this is a PVP game.  I am constantly reminded of it.  The grievers make it less fun in any game.

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