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  1. Vandal - Boundless Weapon Box

    Not for stats for sure, but for the skin. This one I don't care much, I was just hoping to have legacy items working with any class.
  2. Vandal - Lengendary Voidsoul

    The same answer as the other post, they must make the item work with Vandal, it's not my fault if it's not working. If they can't make it work for Vandal, make it tradeable.
  3. Vandal - Shining Skill Card

    Yes, but it doesn't change the fact that they have to make it work for Vandal or at least make the item tradeable, else it's unfair.
  4. Vandal - Boundless Weapon Box

    Hello everyone, Here's another item which is not working for Vandal: Boundless Weapon Box of Hope I also believe any Boundless Box of Hope wouldn't work with Vandal, you might want to take a look into it. Thank you.
  5. Vandal - Water Dragon King's

    Hello everyone, Here's an item which doesn't have a weapon option for Vandal: Water Dragon King's Weapon Box. I'm assuming the fire and blue dragon isn't also compatible with Vandal, that weapon skin is pretty nice, you might want to look this out. Thank you.
  6. Vandal - Shining Skill Card

    Hello everyone, Here is another item Vandals are unable to Open. Shining Skill Card Bundle. Thank you.
  7. Vandal - Lengendary Voidsoul

    Hello everyone, There are so many topics, so I apologize in advance if this has already been reported. Vandals are unable to open the following box: [Event] Legendary Voidsoul Accessory Box, I am assuming the other "Legendary Voidsoul" set is not working either on Vandal. You might want to give it a try Thanks!
  8. The biggest issue is that Katalam is missing