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  1. Evergale Canyon Real Update

    How bad is your life if you need to cheat in a video game to get pixels.....lmao I don't understand the first sentence. If you gain something of value through deceptive means, thats fraud. I know there are upgrade materials and AP that are of value in the PvP instances. Isn't that why we run them? If you hold 2 of 3 or 2 of 6 positions on the other team, are you not gaining something of value through deceptive means? In effect you are hurting everyone through fixing the other team and gaining the materials and AP through fraud. P2w gets thrown around a lot. Only thing I've seen recently that I would consider p2w is this shugo board game. I saw a streamer have about $1k USD worth of stuff in his bags. Can't combat that with the way the gaming industry has gone with micro transactions. I bet NCWest actually makes more profit off a f2p game with micro transactions than they did with the subscription system.