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  1. Holy Mother of God! What can possibly be behind this #ERROR! 1 It must be some kind of Black Hole Mystery!
  2. Dear @Hime , i would like to thank you for all your work and effort in order to bring to aion community, the best aion experience. I would like to ask to you to try your best to make NCSoft reverse its decision of removing EXP from many quests. EXP are so important in this patch 7.5. Please do not remove EXP from quests. I would to also ask you to please fix the FM and Bastion of Souls scrolls since they are still not converted into general scrolls as confirmed in Aion Official 7.5 Patchnotes
  3. Dear @Cyan Please don't forget to activate, if possible, this wednesday , the Special Wide Server Buffs, mainly Crafting Boost, since we need to craft our Daevanion Skills Spells in order to Celebrate Aion 10th Anniversary on September 22nd! Much appreciated!
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