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  1. All of you who complain about the events we are to get here is some points i want to make 1) Free to play game definition : A game you DO NOT HAVE to pay monthly susbscirption to log in to. That does not mean Free to GEAR game or no effort or time investment game. Prestige pass is a choice you make to get a bit ahead in the game, rather than being like EU where u can not do a simple broker search without a gold pack. You dont like this? Go try out BNS (free to play) or any other free to PLAY game out there, you wont find it any different. You dont want free to play? Go and pay
  2. Yeah but if i don't have them i cant enchant them or whatever the promotion was And id be happy if its even shards, doesn't have to be the full dazzling gemstone. Just to be more accessible to collect them
  3. What i haven't really seen anyone suggesting is an event which contains Dazzling/Shining blue and green shards (more in specific Dazzling). The only way to get these now is trough RC. If you are a player who does not reset RC or can not run it more than once a week you only get 8 Dazzling blue/green per month, which for 10months is not even enough to get 1. So to have a CHANCE of crafting 1 and actually getting 1 for your class is so bad and it would take you more than a year, where the dazzling red is currently available from alters.
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