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  1. Server disconnection

    The server went down in the middle of BoS full run. And my run? And my drop?
  2. Tiamaranta's Eye

    So why remove the NPC?
  3. Tiamaranta's Eye

    Hello Cyan With all due respect, we have all the holy day collected coins and keys, it is totally unfair that we now take away everything we have done in the day. An event of experience, two level reduction untradeables, a berdin lucky star will not compensate the 40 omegas that many already believed to have in our pockets because we spent all day there ... More than two weeks without events, now they put something good they take it from us without giving us a reason. We want them to let us obtain what was rightfully ours, put the npc and fulfill what they had already promised us. What a rage! When it comes to your pocket there is a reset, but when it comes to gameplay you never hear about "serious errors"