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  1. Anniversary Coin every hour problem?

    Have only rec'd one coin update on one toon since this whole thing started. Though hours spent as a prestige player some have gotten nothing so for me this pretty much was a bust. Sadly on the ones that I only got 1 coin, that 1 coin is worthless. Now if everything in this new game concept wasn't all bound to your character instead of your account only things would be a whole lot better. This concept is most likely the worst I have ever seen in any game mechanic. I understand the need to eliminate botting but this is a bit extreme. Can't even swap kinah, weapons. armor or consumable unless you buy them on the BCM.
  2. 1 more anniversary event week :D

    So, its October and we all know what this means: Darkness falls across the land The midnite hour is close at hand Creatures crawl in search of blood To terrorize yawls neighbourhood And whosoever shall be found Without the soul for getting down Must stand and face the hounds of hell And rot inside a corpses shell The demons squeal in sheer delight It's you they spy, so plump, so right For although the groove is hard to beat It's still you stand with frozen feet You try to run, you try to scream But no more sun you'll ever see For evil reached from the crypt To crush you in it's icy grip The foulest stench is in the air The funk of forty thousand years And grizzy ghouls from every tomb Are closing in to seal your doom And though you fight to stay alive Your body starts to shiver For no mere mortal can resist The evil of the thriller... ... Can you dig it? * Vincent Price/Thriller See you tomorrow.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 25, 2019

    Thanks for the quick reply Cyan. Its happened to me before and although it eventually disappears, I found that by changing my pw I was able to carry on as normal without further incident.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 25, 2019

    Just another hit by the Pin bug. Seriously, who is monitoring these maintenance updates? The only work around I have found is to go in and reset the pw.