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  1. Prowess Set

    Help me Forthyn Q_Q I still have 2 hats, 1 set and 4 weapons left to craft....
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 3, 2018

    @Cyan Now that master harvester wings are part of the reward table, are we able to purify apollon wings?
  3. Hello! I've been doing groups/ally's for Natural Magic Stone Bundles for a while now but can't get a "solid" group going (we do kill the bosses) Few questions I always get asked: What is Natural Magic Stone Bundle? A bundle that gives you a random stone of the ones below. PS: Everyone in party/ally gets to loot one (personal loot) What's it used for? Crafting prowess set/weapon with Aetherforging Why should I help? What do I get out of it? You don't have to help! Depending on servers & sides you can make a few kinah here and there from it. Currently KT-A side the price range for each stone is 50-90m kinah. Why you farming this? The skin's going away in 6.0 so it's a nice collection to have If you made it this far down! Whisper Delicat on KT-A to join the farm group if you're interested!
  4. Costume Rotation

    Would love these too! @Cyan @Hime
  5. Costume Rotation

    @Cyan Can we please get this skin! KR Got it for their anniversary in 5.3 Item: [item:110901548] Stately Daevanion Jacket / Ornate Daevanion Jacket [item:111101966] Stately Daevanion Gloves / Ornate Daevanion Gloves [item:112101910] Stately Daevanion Pauldrons / Ornate Daevanion Pauldrons [item:113101973] Stately Daevanion Trousers / Ornate Daevanion Trouser [item:114102007] Stately Daevanion Shoes / Ornate Daevanion Shoes [item:125045991] Stately Daevanion Hat / Ornate Daevanion Hat
  6. Aenhon Address to the Katalam Asmodian People #1

    THANK YOU whoever came up with the ignore posts/message etc option on the forums!
  7. Design Contest

    I mean...that carousel looks quite a bit like skins we already have, just as an example, look at the bolero outfits, same style just different "design" I was just expecting something different, more unique than repetitive styles As for votes, i think there's more people playing than someone has friends over here
  8. Design Contest

    They should of just let the community vote for the winner...No hate on the skins! They all look good but sometimes I question NCsoft's "decisions"
  9. Competition Ranking

    Waffles stop trying to take my #1 spot!! Q-Q leave me be !
  10. Daeva Dash repeatable quest

    Can confirm, done it on 5 chars, 8 times, still no key
  11. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    @Cyan Accessory box is STILL bugging (Only physical accs to choose from) & The quest DOES NOT give you the key box after completing it 5 times
  12. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    @Cyan the accessory box is only letting us choose from the physical ones, no magic ones? EDIT: tried to open on gunner/AT/SW - Only let me pick a physical one
  13. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    @Cyan is there an event going on that you forgot to mention? & for how long? Stigma/accessory/essence core buff & Tempering/omega/stigmas on BCM?
  14. Stop calling others p2w

    P2W NO LIFE ~
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    that was the reward!? Lame Q_Q ty
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    @Cyan any news regarding the Power Up event we had? I don't remember any "Extra rewards"
  17. Broken Hearts Reward List

    How many will we be getting? Just 1!?
  18. Cabinets

    Those 2 cabinetd were from BCM only, during black Friday? Or was it Cyber Monday? Other than that I think you have them all, those that are available atm
  19. Katalam Asmo: Seed collection

    Raffle & Collection is now closed! You can find all the winners in Aion Katalam FB Group! Thank you everyone & Congrats to all the winners! I HOPE TO NEVER SEE THIS EVENT AGAIN!!!
  20. Hello all! I'll be collecting seeds on KT-A side, Delicat! Upgrading Solemn if anyone is interested in donating AND joining a raffle! Here's how it works: For every 1,500 seeds, i'll host a raffle. Anyone who donated will be marked down, once we reach 1,500 seeds, i'll pick a random name from the list and trade them the fused magic seed so they can pop it on the tree, getting a title AND Omegas or tempering! If you're interested in joining, donate your seeds IN MAIL to Delicat PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS ONLY FOR SOLEMN TREE! AS THE ITEMS ARE UNTRADEABLE Also while we're on the topic! I used pvpallday before to raffle the BR-A rewards, however, the site no longer works, anyone have ANY suggestions for a decent raffle/poll maker site?
  21. Katalam Asmo: Seed collection

    LAST RAFFLE WILL START IN 2 HOURS! IF YOU PARTICIPATED PLEASE BE ON! Any seed sent to me NOW will NOT count towards the raffle! I'll just send them back to you, so keep them! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH EVERYONE THAT DONATED!!! Goodluck! :) Participant list: https://goo.gl/JFSHCM
  22. Katalam Asmo: Seed collection

  23. Katalam Asmo: Seed collection

    RAFFLE RULES HAVE BEEN CHANGED A BIT!!! TO PARTICIPATE YOU NEED TO DONATED AT LEAST 20 SEEDS! This is due to slow donations as well as fairness towards people that donate a lot! If you end up being the winner and only donated 1 seed, you will be excluded and & i will reroll until it lands on someone that donated +20 THIS IS TO BE FAIR TOWARDS EVERYONE! If you want your seeds back, I'll gladly send them, just let me know
  24. 400% Xp acquisition buff

    I dunno what this QQ is about! With the 400% buff: at 66 - 1 DAILY luna = insta 67 with 50% + in At 67 - 1 weekly luna = Insta 68 at 68 = 1/2 fissure runs = lvl 69 and if you get some repose/stars = 70 Solo adma/theo = should get you close to 70 maybe even 71! At 70/71 ^ Repeat steps while adding AoE/CoE/Cruci in as well! NOW lets talk about 74 to 75, since the event came out, I've gone from 42% into 74 (Took me months and months!) to 96% in AND I still have 2 CoE runs left, and 4 ToE runs, not to mention 2 fissure runs daily (boost pack) Solo Adma/Theo = Takes around 1 hour of your time if you doing 3 runs Duo/Trio DSL 3/4 man FP (Super easy with 1 xform) - The relics give loads of XP! Solo/Duo AoE until last boss Solo/Duo CoE full clear Do your Crucible Spire! the XP buff affects the XP you get from clearing the floor! PS: Duo AoE gives me around 5% + per FULL clear run
  25. [Cleric] Health cap?

    Anyone know what the health cap is? I'm getting different responses from different sources, I have 214 health, +10 only gives me 85 HP