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  1. This applies to any purification, apart from plume! Any set item piece/weapon has this rule, if you upgraded the frigida items, you'll notice you had to get them to +10 eternal > Purify = left with +5 mythic > Get to +10 again > Purify = left with +5 sophisticated
  2. Whatever + your weapon is at, when you purify, you'll lose 5 levels, so if you're going +10> 5.8 hits and you purify > You'll have +5 purified version. If you go +15 > You'll have +10 You get to keep your manastones + godstone, however, I can't say if i remember about fuse..You might be? Just double check first. Also! If you have a weapon skin on it, you'll lose that too
  3. you can still do dungeons for your level, solo/duo BT once you're 53+ will give you 2-5m from just the trash you get from mobs (Weapons,accs,armor pieces not counted) its not much but still. The ones i mentioned above are for +66
  4. Run instances, sell the low supps to NPC (Anything below greater), sell the accessories to NPC (1.2m+ from eternal DSL neck) DE the mythic you don't need for dust & chronos/eternity stones, you can either keep or sell these (Needed for morphing stones & other stuff) Farm mobs for spirit stone of eternity (Everyone wants these) Or buy from landing and sell on broker FP/AoE/CoE items can be sold on broker for a decent price There's always professions too, all in all you should be kinah capped to NPC from just instance runs by selling low supps/accs and get another few hundred
  5. Anyone know what the health cap is? I'm getting different responses from different sources, I have 214 health, +10 only gives me 85 HP
  6. Thank you for the last "siege" in iluma! Best farewell gift Thank you BR-A that joined! Was fun!
  7. oooh i completely forgot about that! thank you thank you
  8. How did you get 380 knowledge? unless i'm calculating wrong? Cause after 380 knowledge, if i pop a +10 knowledge i still get 35 MB
  9. Im not sure about power and precision,as I used a gear calculator to count how much MB/Crit/Acc you get (For my classes) For MB i ended up 510 knowledge for Songweaver, after 510 knowledge you only get 26 MB per knowledge stone HOWEVER if you want critspell cap, you're looking at +600 For Crit i tested multiple stones and got the most with 310 precision (Giving you 5k acc and 1.5k crit) and putting rest to power 295, giving me 1.2k attack. HOWEVER! even after 310 precision, i still got alot more than 19 crit (Old stones) for socketing precision rather than crit/composites. On another not
  10. I have yeah, i've also tried disabling animations and turning graphics down to lowest while in there. Disabling animations actually worked in 64 bit for me. I thought it auto launches 32 bit atm? or am i wrong?
  11. its so annoying cause I end up with the long loading screen Q-Q
  12. Anyone else getting this? As soon as I enter SFT, few seconds later, the client just crashes. NO Error logs or anything, just says "Not responding" and without clicking anywhere, Aion closes by itself. Happened multiple times now, quite annoying! Have to point out it never happened before with the 64 Bit
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