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    18 hours ago, Arhangelos said:

    I'll see what happens today, I am about to log and I'll see if I get it instantly or if it gives me any issues.

    Not sure if this helps! Its the reply they gave me, looks like we're behind in rewards, I got my 2nd week sent out AFTER the maint of yesterday.



    Upon checking your account it appears that the rewards for the 1st and 2nd week was already distributed on your account last September 22 (1st week reward) and October 5 (2nd week reward). Then for the 3rd week we haven't received any updates regarding with the distribution status of the reward since it should be within today. For now we can only advise is to wait within 24 hours

    So from the looks of it, should of gotten 2 boxes as of yet and the 3rd one is on the way! But i'll contact again after 24 hours to make sure

  2. 16 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

    Q: My character is on Katalam. What happens to me? 

    A: Characters on Katalam at the time of the merge will keep their character name and housing. If you have Asmodian and Elyos characters on the same server after the merge, you will be unable to create more characters until only one race is present.  

    The following Q&A applies to characters on Danaria ONLY: 

    : What happens to my character name? 

    A: Character names on Danaria will be randomized and affected characters will receive a name change ticket. Names are first-come, first-served.  

    KT people be like


    Meanwhile DN People who mostly asked for merge be like

  3. @Cyan can we get these skins running again? ;)
    Especially this PLEASE! 
    [item:110901548] Stately Daevanion Jacket / Ornate Daevanion Jacket
    [item:111101966] Stately Daevanion Gloves / Ornate Daevanion Gloves
    [item:112101910] Stately Daevanion Pauldrons / Ornate Daevanion Pauldrons
    [item:113101973] Stately Daevanion Trousers / Ornate Daevanion Trouser
    [item:114102007] Stately Daevanion Shoes / Ornate Daevanion Shoes
    [item:125045991] Stately Daevanion Hat / Ornate Daevanion Hat

  4. DLR:

    1. Go in, kill the 4 adds. Click the orb
    2. Kill the dragon
    3. DO NOT TOUCH TIAMAT IF YOU'RE A NEWBIE! She will REFLECT everything back. (If you can heal, just heal yourself when you're low and DPS)
    4. Wait for adds to spawn. Let NPC 1 shot them.
    5. Go to the portals on the side, wait till they turn PURPLE and a mob spawns.
    6. Kill the mob
    7. Go inside portal
    8. Kill the dragon
    9. Go outside
    10. Kill tiamat
    11. Kill tiamat again, stand either on the left or right side of her
    12. GG Kill the OP Chest
    13. Well done you're ready for IDD/PF
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