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  1. Not sure how all of this is to work out since they have said diddle about it. I have 5 character on the one server of a particular race and 1 character of the other on the other server. I had whittled it down to just the one but there are lots of kinah/mats/armor/weapons/remedies and lodus amulets that have accrued since the start that I would hate to lose since it was done under sub. So here is to hoping they just do not screw me or anyone else over this merge. Some insight would be nice.
  2. Really no real reason to re-sub. Bad enough so much now is untradeable even within the account but one per account of anything is just absurd.
  3. So, given that some of us have character of one race on one server and character of the other race on the other server, what then? Do we loose all we have to one side or the other or what? For you haters and naysayers out there just stop, I am not the only one with this concern.
  4. this is really an issue they need to address otherwise more will leave.
  5. time to recharge the crystal ball of never knowing.
  6. is this an only 1 time issue per account or for each character? Its bad enough that hardly anything is tradeable or sellable anymore but just once per account is really chincey.
  7. Based off the cost of that ticket we definitely need more info unless you of course just think of us as mushrooms.
  8. The kid in the back who is always saying "R we there yet?" is the same one complaining to hurry up and go home. Never happy and always miserable. Always in a hurry and never mindful of their surroundings or where they are.
  9. @Stormwing Yeah, I seem to remember now it was so long ago, that there was something at the end to make Master there was a Miragent quest of some sort. I think I am remembering this right. It was a pain and I had to do it on 3 different toons as well. Guess I better get with it, huh?
  10. The real question is why are you in such a hurry? Crafting in and of itself is boring as you know what and going all at once would be both boring and very expensive. However, if that is what you wish to do then cooking is most likely the choice for you. Myself, I spend time both in crafting what I need and adventuring to break up the boredom and progress. That being said, the best way to level up a new toon at lvl 10 is to craft/craft/craft and craft some more.
  11. Been trying to join a legion but when I click on the Legion part in community it simply says I am not in a legion. I know that already but I am looking for one in particular but it won't me and I am not sure what to do next and yes I am sub'd so that is not the issue.
  12. besides all the other issues mentioned prior I need to add just one more. Sometimes, not all, for no apparent reason the coffin that provides the xp bonus just will not work. No clonk noise, no error notice just nothing., Its as though the character just did not exist at all. This doesn't happen on all but it does on some so something along the line is broke like so many other things. Seems normal these days whether its here or outside here in the real world... Way too much is broken and no one seems to know what to do about it anymore. If it gets fixed that's great but if not, w
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