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  1. What are we *not* able to do?

    Update: I guess I AM blind. The game kept calling the quatermaster Magical Crafting QM, but next to the special item officer, I'd found Kalio in Lakrum. I guess I was blind to it because I wasn't looking for an Aetherforge title. I just wish guides included these tidbits.
  2. What are we *not* able to do?

    Ahh, that's pretty much what I read. I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I'm not sure I'd read about the solo instances before. My go-to idea was grind dailies for kinah, then buy from broker, but the solo instances might be more rewarding (no pun intended ). _______________________________________________________________________________________________ And now, another question. Where, in all that is green and good on Atreia, are the Magical Crafting Merchants? I've literally teleported to every major city, ran around at every seller present, but couldn't find a single one. Aion's in game screens tell me they're Quartermasters, so I checked on those also. No luck, and no luck with guides... who start off right at the crafting screen without showing viewers how to buy scrolls. If it's a very obvious thing, I'm sorry I'm so blind! lol
  3. What are we *not* able to do?

    Frick, I can't edit, so new question while I try to stift through the 6.0 info thread. I've mostly answered my question about stigmas, but are we relying on AP for higher tier stigma stones now? The only thing I can't find are stigma merchants, given half of Sanctum is blocked off. Stigmas were something I was trying to better work on for my skill rotations before I left Aion.
  4. What are we *not* able to do?

    Ahh,thanks for that. I don't do a lot of item remodeling, and wouldn't have thought to use that menu. At least this change made things much easier.
  5. What are we *not* able to do?

    I tried the location in Sanctum, but I've been all over the area that Laokones is supposed to be in. There's a chance that I'm filling this place with so much methane from my brain fart and contributing to the greenhouse effect, but could you tell me where we can do this now? No game guides offer any updates, and I took my time hunting on my own. I don't mind it being a one time thing, since I'm just hanging on to items I happen to like the look of. I'm not spending real money on this though... NCSoft gets enough from their Gacha app, I'm sure.
  6. I may just use this thread to ask my own questions without creating a buttload of topics. Current question: I wanted to try item remodeling, but after discussing things with someone in-game, apparently there's a ton of stuff that's not available anymore. I've come back after a 2 year hiatus, so I'm re-leaning these new changes. I used to transmog stuff in WoW, and wanted to keep the look of some wings and armor I have in game, while keeping the stats of better items. Is this just... gone? I don't want this game to be like Perfect World, where I enjoyed it when it was new, then sigh and say goodbye.
  7. Bring back *real* anti-aliasing.

    Gah dang, it's been this long since I last logged in or touched the game. I'm feeling nostalgic and might goof off in the game for awhile. Has anything even changed for anti-aliasing? Or will I slightly die inside by trying to put up with something so simple yet so profound as missing AA? Sure, there are better games I could be playing, but when I only had a craptop, Aion was all I had before I finally gave in and tried WoW. It's also ironic that I googled the AA issue again and rediscovered MY OWN THREAD.
  8. I've played Aion on & off for years. So long that I remember when Anti-Aliasing was an option. This was my go-to game after Perfect World shut down the Malaysian servers, and PWI turned out to be a mistake even logging into, thanks to all the bots. I finally decided to stick to just Aion last year, but after having moved, and gotten busy then distracted, I lost track of Aion. Financially, I couldn't upgrade from a laptop or an All in One (aka laptop parts inside a kick-stand monitor), so Aion was really one of the only games I was able to get into. Now, I'm on a PC I've built with my own hands. It was still a bit of a budget build, but the best way to "benchmark" it would be that I can now play Dragon Age Inquisition on Ultra High. For a gamer at heart that can finally play all the things, and on a PC I hand-picked hardware for -- this is like a dream come true. I figured I'd finally be able to play Aion happily, and max out the settings. Imagine my dismay when this is what I end up seeing. SS1 | SS2 I do have the annoying Bloom feature on, but all that does is give me the stereotypical fuzzy glow effect that only looks foggy and annoying to me. The jagged edge is still there, and crushes my spirits. I'm still trying to understand why NCSoft would switch to an engine that would omit anti-aliasing from a game, when that's industry standard. Everyone wants nice, smooth edges if their computer can handle it, even if they're on medium to low settings. I'm shocked that a developer would remove it from a game after it's been out for years. That would be like Blizzard removing AA from WoW. Imagine the uproar. Now let me address some things that might come up. Many threads I've read, and screenshots I've seen state that forcing AA breaks the graphics. You end up with rainbow colors, so much that it looks like a fauvist painting. So that's a no-go. AMD's driver has the option to force custom settings, but selecting Aion is impossible since it has a launcher from which you play Aion, and AMD's control panel, called Radeon Settings (not Crimson anymore), wants you to select an EXE. But the EXE file opens Aion's launcher. See the probs? If there is a trick that I just haven't found in spite of all my searching over the passed few months, I'll be ever grateful if you shared that with me. I'm not saying that Aion is completely unplayable, but I feel very let down now that I have the capability to play on the highest settings. Plus, I've come to see how grindy Aion is compared to other games... I'm even less likely to spend time grinding out mobs when I keep seeing Lego edges. I might play for 7 days every 3 months, at best, but I can't say that I'll spend 3 hours at a time like I used to.