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  1. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one peeved by these changes. Seems like basic etiquette has been completely lost. I just want to quest and not everyone can PVP for all sorts of reasons. (mobility reasons, etc.). Would be nice if I could do one simple task without being mobbed by a bunch of jerks (because running away isn't enough sign to please don't be a jerk)
  2. I used to have so many friends in this game, but ever since they started screwing us over, everyone is gone. I've tried so many times to come back only to give up within a week. If anyone knows a better game please share, because honestly I'm sick of this money pit, not to mention game etiquette is next to non-existent. (thanks for taking out the personal store Devs...now I can't even quest without being mobbed)
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