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  1. please just add the [Motion Card] Skating. It is meant to come in every December store update, but why did you guys feel the the need to starve us even more for motions? now there is no more way of getting that skating motion!!! a lot of people wants it but they are dissapointed!! just think about it please, there's no harm in putting only at least one motion in the store!!
  2. At least, tell us why you guys did not put the motion card skating in December store. What is the reason for you guys to starve us with motions that comes annually, yet they did not come this year. It's not like it's a big deal for ncwest putting ONE motion in the BCM, yet it's a big deal for us
  3. I have waited all year for December to come when the [Motion Card] Skating is always in store, but WHY you guys didn't put the motion in this particular time when we all are asking for more skins and motions in the store. Even seasonal motions are not in the store anymore, what else can I hope for?
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