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  1. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    After reviewing all 5 pages of other comments, here are some things I would like to add. First and foremost - *Give us a shader/opacity option for the chatbox. Finding a color that stands out from the surrounding environment is often difficult. My eyes aren't what they once were and I don't like having chat disappear into the background. This could be solved by having a slider for setting the opacity of the chatbox. *Minium conversion : 10 C = 1 B, 10 B = 1 A, 10 A = I think you get the idea. Click and combine. *Furniture and permanent mount crafting. Shall I tell you my sob story? SURE. I faithfully did my Luna's everyday and horded up hundreds of craft items while waiting for the permanent craftable mount to come up in the list (unicorn or maybe the big chicken). It never did. And then you (NC) removed them. Gone. I don't even recall seeing the info that said you were dropping them, they just no longer were. I cannot adequately express to you my frustration when I figured that out. Eventually I got over it, but wow. That was a definite 'thanks for nothing' moment. Also - I do not play a 'fantasy' game to drive around in an MG. A temporary one, at that. No. And yes, I derive a lot of enjoyment from fiddling about in my house with furniture. Which is no longer available. I do not understand this. *Ages ago, in a server long merged, I remember the CM's being ingame demonstrating new outfits and dyes that were coming with a new update. This was fun. I would LOVE to see Loki, Kibbelz, Hime and anyone else CM/NC spending some time with us ingame. Yes, I am aware of exactly what I'm asking. So let's keep it sensible. 30 minutes, per server, per week, per CM, per faction. Random timing so people who can't be ingame at the same time have a chance. Yes, random people will heckle you with ridiculous, unachievable demands. But perhaps, some of the more thoughtful players will be able to interact with you directly and that would be nice. Or, you could just spawn some goodies for us, or a raid boss that everyone who does damage gets the rewards dropped into their inventory (nice rewards please, not nonsense we don't need), or just be a presence that says 'NC isn't ignoring you!'. *BCM inventory vs. ingame item acquisition - Yes, please add things to the BCM for those folks who want to drop some RL coin. Speaking only for myself, I don't have a lot of disposable income at the moment, so I can't justify it. Therefore, whatever you put on the BCM should also be available by some means or mechanic ingame. Naturally, because you want to make money to pay your salaries, building rent, etc - the BCM should be more readily available. Blessed Lumiel knows, I can grind for items. Because I had little else to do, I harvested enough drana for the WHOLE FREAKING PANDORA ULTIMATE SET. If I ever see another drana, I'm gonna have an out of body experience. That said, if I knew I could grind some kind of currency (Luna perhaps? Gold ingots?) and then buy BCM items ingame, that would be nice. *As an addendum to the above, please make skins transferrable more than once. I foolishly skinned a nice set onto my Pandora Legendary not realizing this system had been changed. Now I have a useless set of armor in my warehouse with a skin I don't want to lose. This is yet another entry in the 'How did this change even make sense?' category. *Which brings me to this point - it would be nice if you included the community when it comes to some changes. No, I don't expect to be included in everything and we all know you cannot please all the people all the time. But things like arbitrarily changing the siege time without a word? Honestly, who promoted that as a 'good idea'? Until the siege time changes in game, or until time changes in November - I won't be at siege. * Fiddle factor. There is so much 'stuff' to fuss with ingame, I genuinely can't keep track of it all. Much like a post recently about converting enchant stones showed, there is just too much minutiae to fuss with. Go here, talk to that guy, get this item, then go here, talk to that guy, convert this to that, then talk to this guy on this other map. What? No. I don't mind chasing down random spawning NPCs, or hunting random spawning doodads (Miragents reference) but this is just silly. Give us NPCs that simply convert a number of 1 thing into something else. You could do this for enchant stones, minium, cubicles...what else... *Why not have gemstones shard assembly sometimes produce a Shining version instead of having to collect both types. I haven't even gotten involved with the runestones and purification or sanctification or whatever. Inventory space is always at a premium. *More account warehouse tradeability - Titans coins, Genesis Crystals, Gemstone/Runestone shards, other things I haven't thought of that make sense. I have a disturbing number of Genesis Crystals because I'm not a PVPer but I do get bored so I do the Lakrum camps. Maybe offer the Legendary and Dark Talon available for people who farm up obscenely disgusting amounts of (quest) inventory clogging crystals? LOL. Or, I can just keep converting them to manastone fasteners, which is probably the better idea. *The whole Elyos vs Elyos vs Asmos vs Asmos effect. I'm speaking (typing, anyway) about the mega conglomerate legions that formed when Demaha opened. While I was ambivalent with it in general, it very quickly became evident that it was no longer Elyos vs Asmos. In order to achieve a superior item infighting, nastiness and exclusivity became prevalent between members of our own respective races. This is most regrettable. I would much rather see ALL elyos (and asmos) supporting and helping each other to achieve greater results together. And finally - *The feeling of 'Have To Do'. These days when I login, there is a feeling of 'I must get these things done or else I'm falling behind'. Luna daily. Luna Weekly. Minium Vault. Abyssal Splinter (when its open). Jaburunerk's daily for a Experience thingy. Lugbug dailies. Lugbug Weekly because that is the only way I can get Legendary contracts. Demaha stellium. Katalam marks. Renown. Event objectives (if its an event that pertains to me). It all starts to feel like 'YOU MUST LOGIN, BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T, YOU'RE A FAILURE'. And I find I run out of time to do anything else very quickly. Its become work. It wasn't work before. I used to rush home from my office, grab dinner and a beverage of choice and spend the rest of my evening gaming my face off. There was so much to DO. Do I level crafting tonight? Which type? Essencetapping? Aethertapping? Oh, Legion run in Tlabs! I need to work on Campaign quests! Argh! Leveling Essencetapping means doing that quest to harvest a Shining Diamond, Saphhire and Ruby or whatever! Or do I go check out those quests in southern Eltnen or Heiron? Rifting party!!! Find the teleporting Shugo with asmo only outfits! Why are these Miragents quests so difficult!!! Damn you, Hot Heart of Magic! Abyss siege, let's go! Quests that were interesting (why are the fountains in Eltnen drying up) vs. quests to get more items to buy more gear to get to 'endgame' (there is no such thing in an MMO until the server shuts down) and then to have to do it all again when the armor calculations change. Yes, technically many of these things are still happening, but there's this feeling of demand instead of opportunity. I guess I want things to do ingame that are not gear related but that offer some reward. Remember the boss in southern... was it Heiron? You had to get onto the invisible pathways that ran between islands... I barely remember this it was so long ago and I only managed it once. Who remembers maps that were blank and that filled in as you discovered more areas? Anyway. Thank you for reading. See you all out there somewhere! ~Sheyrena~ Defender of the Cake