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  1. Support is useless, the restoration token doesn't apply to some items, including gemstone and runestones. I failed my +9 runestone to 10 and they said it's not eligible but to find out we actually have to fail in order for them to tell us.
  2. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    @Kibbelz Another good way to manage these events is pre-post them for 3-4 days so the community can discuss if the rewards, the chances and the required time consuming is worth. If this event was discussed 4 days ago and we knew that the craft proc rate for the kinah bundle was around 80% we would sugest increase the kinah quantity or lowering the chances.
  3. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    We don't mind the low chances to craft the Request Bundle, but 500k kinah is a joke This should be increased to 2-5m
  4. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    @Kibbelz @Loki Thank you very much for the improvement you guys are making, never seen it in the last 4 years of aion something huge like that. Here some of my feedback since the last post i didn't expected much but it seems i was completely wrong, watching the to-do priority list i can try to give some feedback on the fix, up to you guys to work it out if it's possible or not. 1 - Experience: Shouldn't be a problem with events, but a permanent fix for it would be reducing the exp required to use experience extractors to 70m instead of the currently 175m. 2 - Events: Old events like kromede revenge's, shugo dash, shugo emperor tomb was one of the most rewarding events, bringing them back with ok rewards should be ok. 3- Currency cost: With the luna price reduce we only need to look out for the priced items in the renown npcs, experience extractos that cost 10 shouldn't be more than 3, transformation shards which gives us 1 shard shouldn't be 15 but around 5, same with other items like dusts which cost 5 should be costing 2-3. 4- Runes/Gemstone: Aquiring those should be in events since it's really rare to get one for our classes, not to mention enchanting them which should increase even further the rates as i saw in the patch notes that we have higher chance. 5- Minions: One run of minium vault rewards us from 70-90 minium rank A, so per week we get 210-270 at most, that should be increased by double, or just increase the runs from 3 to 5. 6- Second part of 7.5: We really need the 2 part of 7.5 to be implemented since it would introduce classes balance, runes balance, and way too many other quality of life things. 7- Publicity, as some people stated before bringing the smooth leveling-endgame line to a decent rate you guys should make some publicity to bring new players to the game, we have the samme community from 10 years ago, but making the game enjoyable and easy to catch up should bring more players to it's base. 8- I encourage it to pick someone from aion team to levelup a free-to-play account with no prestige/transformations/kinah or anything from 1-80 and try to reach end-game as a catch up with the currently players to look what should be changed to smooth that line. That's it, i very much enjoy seeing aion returning to it's glory of old days and all that is thank to you guys.
  5. Text box fix

    @Kibbelz @Loki Hey kibbelz, loki. Can we have a fix for most text box that we have in the game for something like this: https://imgur.com/a/IfcOXi1 Second pic is what we have currently, this is not only for ress, but for retunning and other stuff.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 15, 2020

    @Kibbelz @Loki Any news on the 3 scroll from event?
  7. Blessed Paragon Enchatment Stones July 15th

    Note that you need paragon equipment destroyed in order to craft the morph, and the enchant is not 100% it's a just no break guaranteed, the chances are still lower than 15% after +4
  8. Fields of Fame Event and Renown Tonics

    About the event, the gemstones said in the news is it normal, shining or dazzling?
  9. Quick question about BAN

    I believe it's not decided by the wallet, if an account didn't spend a dime in the game it could be a farm account susceptible to bot or exploit. I believe having a prestige monthly is enough to proof is an active account, and if that's the case and the person got perma ban they probably have an first offense in the account.
  10. Bid ban

    Lmao low down punishment, seems like you were one of the banned ones, nice joke btw. @Loki thank you for making aion great again Anyone else laughing a shit ton of all the haters in this post is people with letters and numbers in their names?
  11. If you've seen them report their names so the support can check in the logs if those players were actually inside demaha during that time.
  12. Siege Schedule Poll

    @Loki You doing more for the game than cyan did for 6 years, thank you alot!
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    I miss when they did survey back in the days asking for siege schedule.
  14. Stop worrying about non factor stuff.