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  1. Siege EK Lakrum

    Merging requires the ncwest team to do some work, which is absolutely against the company rules as we can see for the last 5 years. But yeah, EK is dead and we dont even have the option to leave the server or to switch factions.
  2. Regarding Server Transfers

    You cant train mobs or kill bosses when the other team know how to play, if you outgear someone you simple steamroll them on their supply base and lock their side so they dont get gravity, yes maybe people with gear really isnt playing it right.
  3. Regarding Server Transfers

    ????????????????? Thought cross servers instance like ID/Dredge and arenas were against every single server not only EK
  4. Regarding Server Transfers

    The gear issue that we had in EK was "fixed" according to the staff of aion, but since nothing in ncwest is transparent we don't know for sure, if the reason of EK is to moneysink luring people with lots of cash to start a new server and gain advantage they already milked the cow out of it, no reason to no allow free transfers out of there. My argument was to people from DN-KT saying people in EK asked for it, we had a fresh start we geared up without getting beat in every single way in the world pvp like some people do in DN-KT but now the time has come, they must know when we reach the bottom when theres no light in the end of the tunnel, open free transfers and get this over with.
  5. Regarding Server Transfers

    We started from 0, no boost pack no prestige no alts, no ap, no compensation, no omega, no tempering and we still have more gear than 70% of DN and KT I dont think you fit in the 2k posts criteria, so no reason to even take consideration what i said. Something is wrong imo
  6. Regarding Server Transfers

    if people of the old server still do not have ultimate gear idk what you guys were doing in the last few years, or you guys are really bad at the game or just pretending. 40% of EK players already have 5-6 pieces of firebrand ultimate gear, some of them +15, we didnt had omegas/temperings and old manastones to trade, not even accumulated ap over the 4 years, so if you guys still think its retarded for us to say you guys dont have full ultimate gear, im sorry we thought people with at least 2k posts in the forum know how to play the game they so much talk about.