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  1. Another returning play question

    Shame about the incident. but yeah that was his name, had many encounters with him. Might bump into people who I may know. I don't think anyone from my old legion plays.
  2. Another returning play question

    I had an amazing few years before I lost interest (and time away) sometimes I would just log on just to chat to legion mates, shame about the sorc nerf though, I also got a temp, but to be honest I was kind of bad at that, kinda cheated with him sometimes, I would log him on my laptop and use the follow function when I was on solo with my sorc and make him bodyguard me haha, fun times.
  3. Another returning play question

    You break my heart I will try it anyway as I've run out of things to play. Grab a beer and some nostalgia.
  4. Another returning play question

    Thanks for that, I was thinking of trying EU because I'm from U.K. but I started EU before I came to NA because to be honest, a lot of the community aren't very helpful. Not noob friendly and will definitely class you as a peasant if you aren't "geared" Also, roughly starting from lvl 66, how long would it take to get into pvp without getting wrecked or at least get by?
  5. Weird name change.......... Anyways, I've read some of the other topics about returning players so I've got a lot of info but I've seen mixed reactions. I stopped playing soons they got rid of katalam and danaria, 5.0? Then pvp/forts were pretty much non existent, or literally just GP farming, everyone would get their kill and then go away and do weird pve things. I was a sorc on isra, lvl 65 officer ap gear +10, plume +5, kata orb +15, kata wings. So at the time I would fit in and actually do quite well in pvp, as that's all I wanted to do, I wasn't really interested in pve at all. I was mostly social and wandered around looking for people. I know my gear is now utterly useless which is annoying from the grind to get it, I got to 5 star with just pvp and ap chests, alot of alcohol and play time to get that far I know lol. How is the pvp? many players? and for me, would I get used to everything new? like I know how to stun lock, silence lock etc so is the game any different from then? think I still have a few 100m kinah........Does that help? Also is that crack head templar still playing? wolf something or something wolf? can't remember. He always used to xform in katalam then get wrecked by a group without killing anybody lol! Thanks in advance