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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 4, 2020

    more like slacking and not doing actual fixes? No new skins or updates in BCM? What about the Leibo Protection item that is missing since mmmm, forever? You promised in 7.2 feedback topic that you will look into EXP and enchantment stone limit, yet we didn't get any updates? thanks for the hard work...
  2. How is everyone?

    Just a normal post to share how everyone is doing since 7.2 is the game fun? are you progressing with gear enchantment? how are the drop rates? how are the success rates(Transformations, stigma enchanting, deva skill enchanting)? do you have time to enjoy other classes? How about the events? lmao
  3. Transformations! make them a bit easier to obtain!!! Thanks all. That's the topic lmao. The support team told me to suggest the idea in the suggestion box, and they will ignore it. lol
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 26, 2020

    another shitty rubbish p2w event? lmao what about events that help players to actually gear up and progress in the game, since you nyerked up all the progression methods (enchantment stone limit, nerfed enchantment success rates, gear drop nerf, and many other things that were enjoyable in the game). I guess it's time to finally stop supporting this game, since you nyerk us up with useless events.
  5. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    how's your life guys with the none stop nerfs? Bad enchantment rates. Limited and untradable enchantment stones. no EXP? and we are supposed to reroll that new Katalam box. (Experience marks cost 50% exp of the total bar) lol. dungeons no longer drop enchantment stones and most of the geared people don't even run them anymore, this caused a long waiting to recruit people and make it harder for the newbies to gear up. I just wanna state something too, playing as a support class (Cleric, Chanter) is not fun anymore. Because, everyone knows that we need more than one gear set (Healing set, Attack set) and it will be impossible to get those now. even for other classes, it will take years to enchant and upgrade the gear.
  6. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Overall I think the update is fun and there are more things to do now. However, I'm wondering how can I possibly catch up with people because I find it hard to farm enchantment stones now. My main source of enchantment stones before was the boxes traded with Genesis Crystals, but now it's limited and most of the dungeons don't drop enchantment stones like before. Please share information about the new ways to farm enchantment stones, or at least let us have ID and AD entries every day. Also, how to farm PVE enchantment stones.
  7. Daily ID

    If the box limit nerf happened and the ID & AD entries stayed the same. I pray for those who just started in the game or for the people who didn't finish their gear yet. I agree that we shouldn't be getting abused by the nerfs in NA and at least we should have the same entries as original Aion.