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  1. White Tiger of Darkness

    Well, I certainly didn't receive a Kromede Minion Contract or the Void Dragon King's Weapon Box. This is what I got in my crate ...
  2. White Tiger of Darkness

    I think the crate with the Tiger contained 250 Luna so it looks like there may have been three different emails being randomly sent out to people. They should have sent the emails out randomly to all AION players, that would have been the fairest thing to do.
  3. White Tiger of Darkness

    Totally agree about the White Tiger, it really should be made available to anyone who would like to have it, hopefully it will be.
  4. White Tiger of Darkness

    I never said you said it was my fault. I left the game for reasons I don't wish to get into being that they are personal. I had no intentions of leaving for as long as I did but you know, life happens, but I was always pIanning to come back and play again. I also bought the game (pre-ordered it in fact), I also paid a sub (actually I paid for two subs at one point until my nephew quit) and like I said I had also paid for Prestige Packs. I had to pay to transfer an Asmo to Katalam since it ended up on Danaria with my Elyos characters so I'm still dropping money on the game and supporting it. I could have deleted the Asmo rather than transfer it but I like my Asmo. I completely agree with what you said there, they really should and they also should have kept the monthly Veteran Rewards going for all of the old players who had subbed to AION before it went F2P.
  5. White Tiger of Darkness

    @Cheesecake-DN My nephew's old 2009 account has never received any kind of email offer and we created our accounts and started playing at the same time. So random free offers are just that, random.
  6. White Tiger of Darkness

    @Aly-DN I even continued to play and drop money on the game even after it went F2P. I even paid for Prestige for awhile. It's not my fault NCsoft randomly shot me an email offering free stuff as an incentive. I'm sure there are plenty of old Veterans who have and will receive such offers.
  7. White Tiger of Darkness

    Dork. Buy your own mount. @thesilverwarrior-DN As someone who started playing AION way back in 2009, was a paid subscriber until the game went F2P, NCsoft must have thought it fair to send an old Veteran player an incentive to encourage them to play again. Who knows, maybe that mount will eventually find its way into the BCM.
  8. Mount List.

    Rather then having them taking up valuable space in your inventory how about having a List (similar to that of the Pet and Minion Lists) for storing mounts. Please.
  9. Error 5300

    Is anyone else receiving Error 5300 when trying to purchase Ncoin with PayPal? I'm just about to submit a support ticket but was curious to see if anyone else was having the same issue.
  10. White Tiger of Darkness

    I've got that mount on my main character. I received an email from NCsoft offering a free supply crate that contained a mount and a few other things. I blame that tiger for getting me to play Aion again.
  11. Lost character names

    Really? Darn. I never received any kind of notification regarding a server merge or even a time limit to dispute names so double darn. Oh well. I guess I'll try and come up with some new then. Thanks for your reply.
  12. Lost character names

    I've just come back to Aion (ie: today) after a very long break and discovered the name of main character has now been taken by someone else. The character in question is level 61. I originally started playing Aion about a week after the game was released so I had had the name a long time and if account creation factors in, would it be worth my time to dispute it?