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  1. Even if it was the bottom third of most important, from a marketing standpoint skins are the easiest place ya'll could be making extra revenue. It's not like NA is making the product, the product already exists, all you need to do is import it into the BCM and boom, you have something that can be bought and purchased with extremely little upkeep. It is one of the easiest places ya'll can make revenue without making any negative impacts on the game unlike upgrades, enchants or resets; and there are whales who would be happy to buy skins to sell to ftp players, it's a win-win scenario, please listen to someone who used to work in marketing. Cosmetics are a large part of the reason people still like Aion, but it's now so hard to get said cosmetic items in NA, and it's really busting ya'lls chops. If private servers can implement very expansive cash shops for cosmetics, surely someone in ya'lls department has the brain cells to make it happen. We would like for things to be more successful for ya'll and we do keep offering suggestions and then they get half-assedly implemented or not at all and as I said, I feel this is an area ya'll could dedicate a week's time to and reap some pretty nice rewards with absolutely no upkeep.
  2. Is it sad that it doesn't really look that great and yet in comparison to what we'll probably get it'll be good? But like, I'm really tired of getting events late and then some dragging on two weeks after it'd be fun. Like I mean, with Anniversary; we got it late, it drags into the middle October, and it's really lame and boring. I'm assuming we get Halloween late too, and about done cooking our Thanksgiving Turkeys before it ends?
  3. :sigh: This is just really, really sloppy work @Kibbelz, know you're not the one doing the coding but. . . The Producer's Letter was a slap in the face to say that ya'll don't want to kowtow to the 'vocal minority,' when it's more like everyone is sick of it, but they're tired of speaking up and being ignored. This is just the latest mess up. Additionally, the event Lugbug has items on it you can't do. Today asked for us to kill thirty mobs in Katalam. It's Wednesday. Demaha is up. So, we can't get the daily done; I suppose tomorrow Lugbug will want us to kill 30 mobs in Demaha. The point awards are going to be pretty important with the fact that Pine Lover Moon is a solo kill, and the spawns are sporadic and few with many people competing in a very short window. Ya'll wanted us to group up and this is how you do us? Besides the short window, it's at an awkward time for A LOT of people. That's just crappy, it's really frustrating. If it has to be a solo kill, those mobs should be spawning all the time. What's the point of it anyways? There are only so many rice flours we can get unless you really want to spam instances. This is a ridiculous element to the event. Remove it or else make multiple windows. Possibly could be OK if ya'll did every other hour on the mobs to prevent the Gankapalooza that's happening now and also how you're keeping people from even doing the event in multiple ways, but honestly, the only thing worth it in this event IS the legendary selectable, and you can only get it once per account, so let people get their stuff and not be frustrating them. A game is supposed to be fun, not frustrating to this level because of incompetence. Multiple text errors; saying mobs are in Demaha. They're not, they're in Inggi and Gelk; that's terribly confusing for new players being told to go here and there's nothing. This could be a decent, clean event to get people caught up to at least the point of a Legendary Xform that fits their class, but once again it's been bungled. Compensation is due to all players, and things need to be fixed ASAP.
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