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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    @CyanI'm going to echo others on the xparent scrolls. Glad to see them, but they really should be the same price as the regular ones. The transparent scrolls do not change any function on the game besides visual, so please tell the devs to stop holding out on us. Maybe have Marketing talk to the Devs and tell them how much aesthetics are a key reason why so many play this game, and forcing people to spend extra money on what has always been a given in this game has really chased away a lot of money for this game. I'm fine to see a nerf of the luna exchange; we'd like to see NCsoft make some money, after all. But that said, please we need things worth buying in the BCM. People DO want to spend, they just want stuff to buy that's worth it. My first request! Please put the housing expansion coupon/tickets back in. I haven't been able to decorate my house properly because it's unavailable and it's a cheapy but a goody we do love in BCM. Tell someone to add it back in.
  2. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    Uhmmmmmmm! People keep saying you don't need a lot of gear to participate in this one, and others keep crying they're left out and they have fresh new toons *so suddenly* and I'm like. . . It is easy. My ranger is 100% questionable and I'm getting 9-10 keys every go with her. No problem. If you don't have at least CoE gear, I honestly don't know what to tell you. I have three different toons that can solo CoE and I often shove 2 alts with each of them when I'm a glutton for punishment and I am *that* bored, so at this point, I have three different toons, one is full red, and the two are a full mix of red and pink but mostly unenchanted, but I have 8-10 alts now in full CoE. . . No, you probably won't get the full rewards, that's okay, the prices aren't terribly heinous for once(but are extremely limited in what you can buy), but I actually like that this one isn't as friendly to the alt spam. It means I don't have to live for this boring instance event. All I'm doing is my ranger and my sin, and that's because the EXP is so good. Got to fuss at those gems. X_X If you have CoE gear or better and you're struggling, I guess I have to say that the gear is likely not your problem. . . You might be the problem. Vantheria posted some wonderful suggestions, particularly about dps'ing the minibosses, and particularly about overcoming life as a chanter. So, maybe listen and try instead of cry. It's not an awesome event, by no means, but I'm going to get a permamount on my ranger, and some misc things on my sin, but I'm most excited by all the gems I'm going to be making for enchants, because that's where I've been struggling. BUT! @Cyan Ya'll really put voidsoul accessory boxes in this one? Really? That's so lame. Ya'll could've least put the legendary frostspark instead if this was really gonna be aimed for the ungeared.
  3. Weaving in 6.5?

    I mean, unless you're using stigma atk skills to pad out the number of skills you have to use, and thus sacrificing other things, there is NO way you're not running out of skills with a sustained attack chain if you're not weaving. I see this thread is in PVP, so maybe then? But I still weave all the time, during pvp, pve, etc, and yeah, I'm a high dps, max atk speed sin and there are brief moments in IDD where I am getting down to the wire on what skills I have to use that are not rune bursts, so I'm calling BS if you're gonna tell me you only weave with devotion up during IDD, PF, etc. PVP is the only vaguely viable reason I can see not to weave, but you are not going to chew through templars, chanters, clerics and other tanky crap by blowing your load and not weaving. 8D And that said, the guy in the video is in a full set of pink gear with not even 2k crit, with dual dagger ( which is not a bad idea for the initial gear grind to full red, but dagger + sword is still the way to go if you have reasonable ping and decent gear plus a decent xform ) and not maxed out atk speed. He is clueless what weaving looks like when you're plus the 4k mark of crit. Even 3k is going to look a world apart from this, and toss in max atk speed? It's pretty much auto-weaving at that point, especially if your ping is low. I feel like you would have to try harder not to weave than to weave if you're really atk speed capped. 8D And I still weave on my ranger too, the DPS is better with weaves than not, and again, you.will.run.out.of.skills.
  4. aion is dying

    It's not about innovation, it's about companies not listening to their players. The market is currently saturated with 'active combat' system MMOs and I think most of us who play Aion hate those types of games. If you want tab target like we have with Aion and some semblance of what your character can do, your options are very limited. GW2 has a painfully simple combat system that I found highly restrictive even though the build sets up WERE interesting, but ultimately MEH. WoW there is only so many times you can re-packaged a ( badly ) aging MMO short of a 100% graphical overhaul which could likely shoot yourself in the foot because I know many players for WoW do play on aging PCs, and then you have Aion. Aion is not losing business because of flagging interest. Aion is losing money due to bad decisions in the direction of the game, the marketing, and negligence overall of the company to not take care of it. Aion is literally a cash mine of missed opportunities. It's an old ass game, and yet it's held up and looks super good for its age, the things that could be done with just optimization and fixing the engine issues or hell, just develop a new engine entirely alone. . . Only NCSoft deleted 75% of their game and thought we'd still want to play. I mean, you don't think people want to play? Okay, so there's a private server ( not saying I play it or not ) that at their slow times has 400 people on it. At high times, there's 1300. The server is patched to 2.5. SO yeah, people want to play Aion, this game, currently? Is not Aion. I work in a business that's very intensely about customer satisfaction, marketing, and how to actually run a business. It hurts to know, with 100% certainty, that you could do some of these people's jobs at NCWest 500% better and maybe do a little ( a lot ) better in retaining players with the plate of crap that NCEast has delivered.
  5. aion is dying

    I tried to be as positive as I could with 6.x but I dreaded update day, I knew it was going to be horrible, and it has delivered on that on every regard. And I have to say that as far as some people's luck have gone, I haven't done horribly by this patch, but I just absolutely hate the state of the game. One thing I considered is the fact 6.x is the first KR update to be F2P, which is why 5.x and previous 'pay walls' have been half-arsed at best and circumventable. But seriously, deleting 70% of your game and its mechanics was a good idea? What???? I just don't get the 5.x hate, I had a great time for the most part. Yes, the initial grind to 75 was overdone, but by the time 5.6-5.8 came around, the leveling was much smoother and there was still TONS to do before you got to 75. The PVP open world could be a bit lackluster; that could've been fixed with better objectives in Norsvold and Iluma, perhaps a fort in each, I dunno, but throwing the whole thing in the fire seemed a bit extreme, especially since either of those maps were larger than Lakrum and far more detailed. The PVE was excellent, instances were actually challenging because they had mechanics, and weren't gear gated. Everything in 6.0 is easy if you have gear to tank and spank everything. 5.x was actually an expensive patch, beautiful to look at and take in, with tons of content, whereas. . .where's the content in 6.x? Where is the money? Everything is recycled. Every texture in Lakrum is reused from somewhere else. 6-7x gears are all mostly chop ups of old armors and skins repasted and frankensteined together. I mean, FFS, I'd rather have to do Fissure of Oblivion every day again if it meant getting back a semblance of actual Aion versus whatever the heck this game is supposed to be now.
  6. aion is dying

    That's an absolute lie. It was never an issue finding parties for PVP instances in 5.x, even before merge. As someone who was used to going single or duo, yeah, it was easy then, now there's maybe 1-3 lfg group per time hour if even. People QQ about 5.x, but it was miles beyond the steaming crap that is 6.x. At least there was stuff to do, there were nice places to go to, you could see what the hell your toon looked like, and you could get around every pay wall in the game if you had 2 or 3 braincells to rub together.
  7. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    Well, I would appreciate being able to xfer my EK alt that I made only to dork around with to the server I actually play on. And I know some people are on the same boat. Their mains are on DN, so ofc they would want that alt shifted there because THEN IT MIGHT HAVE SOME USE in the future, whether event or turn into their main or a main alt or the like. I know absolutely no one on KT, and I have no reason to play it there. I have use of another alt ( Someone say, "Shavera, why do you need ANOTHER assassin alt???? ) on my home server. Events likely, yea, but still useful. It's BS to be forced to go to KT. There's not that many people on EK to really have an effect on either server, especially when most of them were previous KT or DN players who have/had mains on those servers already and will go back to that server no matter what. Or they will just quit versus having to work and gear another toon because they're not gong to pay what is quite frankly a ridiculous amount of money just to change a toon's server. So, the net gain is better to let people pick where they want to go versus nyerk them off any further. I've played this game forever, and I've SOMEHOW stuck around since 6.x, which, IMO, this patch has been horrible, even if it were correctly executed, just the amount of loss we have had in-game, whether it be maps, instances, lore, places to go, etc, is pretty awful. I'm really starting to feel the game should have been canceled before 6.x. 5.x even in it's poor execution was a way better game then this steaming pile. I'm about done with it, I can't imagine people who have been effed over even worse ( and there are plenty ).
  8. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    It's not about the rank per say. It's about that accrued number by my name that says the cumulative amount of GP that I've gained on my character in the four years since I returned to retail Aion. It's the history of the character; GP reset means now it's like there's no history. NCSoft already wiped all the quest logs ( unless your toon is super, super old and has the original iterations of all the quests ) and every other bit of history they can to our characters. I don't know how they think afk people are really staying on the board, at least on our side, Hellish. No one can be bother to log on JUST for siege with no intent ever to play again JUST to hog a spot on the GP board. Please, to all those people saying otherwise. All those people got that GP by actively playing for a LONG time at some point besides, with maybe the exception of a few very, very special individuals. It is not hard with the current algorithm to get to 3* and sometimes 4*. Does GP acquisition need to be increased? SURE! There's no way to climb effectively currently; but wiping the GP board because new players are whining that they cannot get into the top 100 in a month is not the way to do it. With the current iteration, I'll never see General, and that's cool, because I didn't grind for that, but the GP I have, I worked for. When I came back to Aion, it took 40k GP just to hit 3*. I should point out, as of today, the lowest ranked 4* on DN-A has 4.5K GP. Sure, acquisition is like 1000GP a week at most, but that's six weeks or less to hit 4*. That's not bad at all. But you, and everyone else knows well that NCsoft is just going to add the GP to instances like they used to and it'll be reset city for those that can afford it. But Aion was p2w previously and now it's not going to be. Okay, sure. Have fun.
  9. event already a failure

    WAO. Okay, shutting up now.
  10. event already a failure

    Not every account is getting this, only has come up on one toon for me, and then when I switched to my main, the survey was gone. Despite not taking it. Then switched back to the toon it was on, and it was GONE. Also, these event items are not account tradeable, so you have to sit on your main for a whole two hours when there may or may not be anything to do in that time, when instead you could be doing your weekly/daily on alts, or working on lower gear stuff on alts as well. It's additionally painful on prestige, because I'm technically paying for additional event items but don't get to choose what toon I get them on unless I waste two hours of doing nothing on my main, because the people I do my PVP, PF, IDD, etc with ON MY MAIN, are not on until late! This is absolutely crap.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 10, 2019

    Soooooo, the event items are account untradeable. You cannot move them around in your account. That is total BS. Have to log in on my main and sit afk for 2 hours when I could be working on my alts, because when I log in, there's not much to do in the morning? This is especially inane for us prestige pass holders, since technically we are buying the extra petals and that additional special petal, and then we can't move around what we've paid for? How does that even make sense? ALSO, I got a survey on one of my alts, that then disappeared mysteriously but did not appear on any of my other toons or accounts? WHAT? @Cyan this is a hot mess and needs to be rectified immediately. Send the surveys to ALL accounts and make these items account tradeable, they DO not repeat per toon, every account only receives a SET amount of items no matter the amount of toons logged per the day.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    Eh, it makes sense if you're dyslexic af like I am and thought it was a skill level 80 versus a level 80 aetherforge. My bad there. But then that makes it a reason for NC not to survey every toon out versus one per account. Theoretically, that's a whole lot of free AP being given out, even though, the item should have been available for purchase. If only they could hand out rainchecks. I think it's an impossibility to be asking for all toons, NCwest has never ever done that with surveys, sadly. If it happens, it will be one per account. =/
  13. Yes, Aion 2 is a mobile game; however they haven't canceled the true successor to pc Aion and that's still in the works, but who knows if it'll ever happen. That Lineage sequel has been in developmental hell. Ever since the TERA kerfuffle, NCsoft just can't get it up with its sequels that people so badly want.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    Eh, the amount of people who have all their alts active on their main's account is a minority. But then again, if that alt isn't active, one set of 6x stones isn't going to break the game on an alt that doesn't have crafting done and cannot use the stones in anyway. Still, I *would* be happy if a survey went out with 6 stones went out for 1 character on 1 account. @Cyan This is a really fair solution for this week since we have to wait until next week for it to reset. We know in this patch that AP rains from the sky, so I don't see the problem with the AP cost of the items, and besides, if it's one per account, again, that would maybe make up for some of the fact people can't make on the rest of their active toons on their account?
  15. This.This.This.This.This.