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  1. Please make some changes to event aka Violent Tuca

    Keep crying. People always want "easy" things... You only need 2 Tuca Thorns to craft ring/belt, 3 for earrings, 4 for neck and 6 for weapon = easy gear. We have 3 weeks before the event ends How difficult is it to do?
  2. Demaha mobs are too tough for me !!!

    Well.. talking about dmg, craft one is better than WB weapons. If ur class can use extendable weapon, it is better option obviously.
  3. Demaha mobs are too tough for me !!!

    You are wrong, the second best is WB (World Boss) weapon.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 27, 2017

    Really? It's like server wide buff + 100% amulet.... same thing