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  1. Yes, I can understand you all, who don't find anything fun in that game anymore... I haven't log in over a week (although Prestige is running) and I think, it's not just a little break at this time. Bye-bye!
  2. Yep... pvp is totally dead now. Aion's pvp was the only thing I liked here, so it's "game over" for me. Those damn +15 stigmas/daevanions, collections and gemstones must go to garbage can all together!
  3. Same here... 1-2 shots and back to obelisk... I have put an effort to my pvp set almost a year and it's still absolutely useless! What's the point of this game now? Where is fun? What are we doing here?
  4. idk... it's like a shadow of the game it was once... I have no idea, how this freak show gonna last... Sorry, I loved AION, but this is too much even for me.
  5. ty so much... I'll enjoy it with my slow not perfect lege transformation... ty one more time to make gear gap bigger and bigger!!!!
  6. Alt army keepers vs. big marine mammals... who is deadlier cancer to our beloved Aion?
  7. omg... they actually gonna reset server and don't wait until tomorrow's weekly server maintenance!
  8. No SAS, MV bugged, no event npc and so on and on... please fix it asap!
  9. Hello everyone! It's not gonna be popular statement, but I'm still gonna say it: don't put everything you ever need in-game to event rewards!!! Of course we ALL want that stuff and it's tempting to put it as event rewards... but, but... think about it... if you miss Stormwing, 1 kinah retune or similar "gamebreaking" event... then what???
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