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  1. So on the second enchantment attempt... it fails...and with it, the weapon is destroyed. A weapon I spent Real World money on in the BCM. I remember when my Girlfriend, now Wife told me I should give up Guild Wars and go to gamestop and buy this 'New Game' that was coming out called Aion. I did...and I bought the expansion / bonus pack also. I paid my monthly subscription price and began my journey thru this wonderful land. I remember grinding...and grinding...and grinding. I remember getting 'ganked' by a 'Twink' Sin in the desert and looking at his lvl 30 full Dev set of blue armor
  2. I purchased a dozen 100% Manastone Enchant Supplement Selection Box for socketing manastones on my ultimate gear. I opened a few up, selected the ultimate supplement, and proceeded to try and socket a manastone on my gear... the manastone goes into the space in the Modify/Enchant window along with my piece of gear.... however, the supplement will NOT go into the space for it in the window. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Thanx in advance
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