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  1. Asmodian Katalam NPC Issues

    It's an awful situation, our landing it's being attacked and some of us are stuck inside the landing! We cannot teleport to defend our territory.
  2. Asmodian Katalam NPC Issues

    Dear Moderation, Good Morning! Players of the Katalam server have been experiencing issues regarding the function of the NPCs in our server. They are all unresponsive, with no exceptions unfortunately. Although, the NPCs of the Fast-Track Server work correctly. Functioning Auction/Trade Broker NPC in Altgard (Fast-Track Server): Unresponsive Auction/Trade Broker NPC in Pandaemonium (Standard Server): Not only Auction NPCs are down, all of them are unresponsive. Looking foward for an answer, and hopefully a fix for this, not only me but the whole server. Best Regards, Fuji. Warning: Names were censored for privacy, to me and to the others who appeared in the screenshots.