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  1. my account has been blockd

    ohw man what a story, and sad it makes me sad to hear that NCWest has gone so low now theese days i still remember the time that we had to fight our way in the area's and make oure gear better to try to defeat the soldiers of balure, man what a time. i did playd a really short time on the free to play thingy and i we where defestaded that we where going from NCSoft to something els wich was much more pay2win after a while i still logd in and have playd the Brad for 2 weeks but then the system was just not there anymore like in the good old day's. i had hoped that US was a bit better then the EU but its really not we have here i guess 4 server still going but how many ppl are on there i really have no clue this week i was like why not go back to the nice time in aion with questing pve and gathering and the big pvp battle in the city's i really miss those day's
  2. my account has been blockd

    how is US doing thees day's ?
  3. my account has been blockd

    thanks man, thanks for giving me hope , maybe the god of Atreia be with you. btw wasnt there any server tranfer from EU to US ?
  4. my account has been blockd

    well im an really old player, and they changde a lot since they got in gameforge hands, like i cant connect on the website anymore because my login isnt anymore there but ingame it says that my account is deactivated so its still there but i need to wait until they reach out to me
  5. my account has been blockd

    ok thanks for helping out and your time have a great time on atrea akkka
  6. my account has been blockd

    i connect true steam
  7. my account has been blockd

    how do i know im connecting the right server ?
  8. my account has been blockd

    EU i guess
  9. my account has been blockd

    i playd in the EU server, i have changed the account back in the day's when we where going from ptp to ftp
  10. my account has been blockd for security reasons, i think because i havnt logd in for a big while, how long does it take until my account set to normal again ? or how long does it take that the support will respons? i posted my problem here http://aion.support.gameforge.com/ greetings NandoB