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  1. Also, don't forget the Mouse and Keyboard Ranger Transformations, you promised we'd get another event, like a year ago(?) Still waiting. lol
  2. In Gelkmaros, I know they can drop from mobs in this region (mostly the flowers). No idea for Elyos.
  3. I just hope Halloween Event to be decent and to give items that WE ACTUALLY NEED AND ARE FROM THE CURRENT VERSION OF THE GAME, because Anniversary is doomed and retarded.
  4. Yep, sadly only 3 of 6 parts have HP on it. Weapons also have no HP... https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Ultimate_Fighting_Spirit_Set
  5. Now that would be a well deserved end for him, considering all he did to Ereshkigal, and in Mesopotamian Mythology, Ereshkigal is Inana's older sister or something. Also, there's poem named "Inana's descent to the nether world" that kind of goes well with her ascension to a Dragon Lord: From the great heaven she set her mind on the great below. From the great heaven the goddess set her mind on the great below. From the great heaven Inana set her mind on the great below. My mistress abandoned heaven, abandoned earth, and descended to the underworld. Inana a
  6. Can't link stuff from profile. Need to unequip it and link from inventory. Same thing when trying to open modify/enchant window from profile. It just doesn't work.
  7. This quest line went available in 7.9.9, right after the Episode quests from Demaha. In it, we go look for Inana in Chaotic Valley and other places. Then, in Timeless Terrace we find Irnin and his time device, and a vision about Inana's Ascension. Soon after we are teleported to new 8.0 instance (only for quest) and we fail to stop Inana (even with the time device and going back in time to change something different every time). I still wanna know how they are going to link all this to Beritra. The only connection is that the power Inana took for herself belonged to Beritra's de
  8. In the Episode Quest line, we used Irnin's time device repeatedly to go back in time and try to stop Inana's ascension as a Dragon Lord, and we failed every time. And Siel was the Empyrean Lady of Time, so her Apostle is just fangirling over us UwU
  9. Ask them what a player can do with a gold medal in 8.0 LOL
  10. No GP for non-prestige users*. Lol that gold medal though. Classic crossover(?) How they manage to mess things up so many times is beyond any type of logic or reason. They are basically gods at it.
  11. Like they ever gives us any details EVER.
  12. It's even part of the anniversary event, it's just a 8.0 thing. They are making it look like part of anniversary event just to pretend anniversary isn't super bad and nerfed af. Any 8.0 free stuff: ncwest: iN CeLeBraTiOn Of ThE AnNiVeRSaRy.......
  13. At this point we'll get 8.0 patch notes in 8.2
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