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  1. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    Well, you can also do the the 3 daily (or even just 2) guaranteed craft options in a bunch of alts, and open it all in the last week of the event. You might even get some +15 stigmas, or sell the +9 / +12 if you don't need 'em. IDK. Aion events requires tons of patience, an army of alts, or just a credit card.
  2. After 7.5 Patch

    RNG likes trolling people. If it wasn't for the stormwing egg event, I'd be with 2 Kromedes, and a Irnin I got from combining two ancients. (And ofc I'm a caster class. Q_Q) #BringStormwingEggEventBack
  3. Stats for Xforms Enhanced by Runes

    There you go. Around 4min of the vid it shows the stats that are increased on legendary xforms, upon rune enchanting
  4. The day ncsoft give us an ultimate transform as a compensation is the day the world will end. They know what happened, they will never confirm it, or compensate players that play fair. And that's OK. It's our fault, really. For being dumb enough to keep playing this game in the hope that things will get better, bug abusers and hackers will get banned. Hahaha, what a stupid dream.
  5. Since they never confirmed what the issue was... From what I heard, the "serious issue" was that people were able to buy some items from merchant NPC without having any <[Event] Abyssal Fragment> on their special cube. And if my font was telling the truth, that's how some people got their Ultimate xforms. But, hey... good thing everyone is getting 10 Abyssal Fragments, and 1 Untradable Mysterious Recovery Serum Box for each day SAS was offline. Yay. P.S.: I can't really confirm if it's a thing that happened for real, but if it's real, I hope that the people who did it will get punished somehow.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 29, 2020

    There's also Lower Udas, elite mobs in Gelk/Ingg -- where weekly quests are done -- and elite mobs in Silentera. Also bomb mobs, 7 to 12M exp each (with exp rune and legion buff).