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  1. I wish I was paid just to do a weekly post lmao
  2. If I was a new player I'd just run away. No way to ever catch up, and it's definitely not worth the try.
  3. Honestly, I don't truly care. I just like to show them that they are making a worse job than other regions. I'm just here to see it die and throw some shade here and there. These days I just afk or not even log in anymore. When people ask me to do things, my first question is "why bother?" or "what for?" Everything in this game feels more and more pointless/useless as the game itself. Just let the game die. This.
  4. EU is more P2W, yes, but they know how to sell their product at least. If you check EU people profiles on myaion, usually they have better collections, and stuff we never had, like full hp collections, more apostles, etc. Not to mention they have more paragon, yornforged, dazzling events. Overall they have better events and a staff that knows how to manipulate better, I mean, understand what players need. I know in NA people get some stuff done by getting it through RMT, but even if they spent USD 999999999999999999999 in both RMT and BCM, there's still no way of getting
  5. No snowballs, just 2 absolutely useless events instead. Is it too late to cancel the 2 events and just copy-paste last year's snowballs event?
  6. At least now we know WHY they didn't even bother posting the events on News page. I mean, there's nothing to post. Winter Event has almost no rewards at all.
  7. As usual. Maybe they use the delay to break more things.
  8. Congrats aion team on achieving a new low. You now can't even update news page for Live servers before maintenance ends and have players to figure out what bad events they're getting and how will them work. @Kibbelz @Loki wow, such professionalism, very professional.
  9. lol, true. @Kibbelzdon't mind my sarcasm. Please give us the events info :CCCCCCCCC From their twitter, just a minute ago: @AionOps [#Aion] Maintenance will be delayed by 1 hour. We'll update once this is concluded. Thank you for your patience!
  10. I don't really remember the whole Asmo drama lore Q_Q, I left WB discords. The one thing I do remember is that certain legion (that used even to lead-ish), most of their members don't speak English(?) and presumably uses 3rd part programs. When their leader was confronted the hacking part, they rather defend those members and remove themselves from league and do WBs on their own. Not idea how is going for them or for the league. Honestly, for me they were kind of a joke. So many laughable jokes from stuff they did, like commander xform and die in 3 secs, or do HoA 5man w
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