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  1. That's the thing, RNG is a big factor in progression, I totally wouldn't half of my advanced stuff if it wasn't for events and luck. A few weeks ago, for example, I had one daevanion skill to upgrade and it was really hard, with no events or a single selectable daeva skill on broker, and I kept getting the wrong skills either from renown npc or craft. Finally, I got lucky with craft / renown box and was able to advance it. RNG can f*ck you over and over a lot of times, and at some point people just quit, because it sucks. It also takes time to lvl up all the 12 characters, gear t
  2. Event is easy, not worth doing because of extremely sh1tty rewards.
  3. Clear Browser Data works for me, every time it happens. 100% works again and I can log in normally. I clear all cookies, cache, website configurations. (I'm using google chrome).
  4. Update the title to this, since nothing will be done. So people can know the truth before reading.
  5. Imagine giving a event with items the players actually can use. Wait, that would require them to stop and think, but I guess it's too hard for them.
  6. We don't have a way to get it atm. IDK who needs greater transformation lol. Sadly it's just another event with bad rewards. Amount of people that will buy reset scrolls from them: 0 Cause: bad rewards.
  7. @Kibbelznot sure if it's a bug or not, but the Glyph Selection Box from Poppy's Bundle comes with no enchants (Glyph Scroll), as all other Glyph boxes usually come. Even upon selecting one of the contents of the box, I just got the +0 selected Glyph and nothing else.
  8. I'm sure they will "forget". Messing things up is their specialty. Right? Well at least KT people will be happy with a little more population AND free bonuses for no reason. I think that people that play for a long time should have a option to keep at least their main character's name. I'm not sure, but I feel like names are shared between servers already. I mean I NEVER saw two people with the same name in the cross-server maps. I could be wrong, since people have thousands of alts, but.. I don't know. DN people gets: ?????????? KT people: keeps name
  9. So it will be on 8/4 , why so mysterious, bruh?
  10. Next, I think. They confirmed it's not today. Makes sense to be next week, since it's GP reset day.
  11. That would be nice. They didn't mentioned in the post that it's ending, so... (it probably will end though Q_Q) Well, technically, they need to bring 7.9 in a GP reset day (since it brings a npc that sells stuff for gp coin or whatever, it's kind of joke, really, since we have monthly reset lol), so, in theory, 7.9.2 should arrive next week or August 1rst. Would be nice (and kinda messy tbh) to have merge + new patch at the same day, so people have stuff to do and run around with names like ads4as8d74asda lol
  12. Do chars in the same account but different faction even share account warehouse? If not, I don't even see how this is a problem.
  13. They should add it to PF and Udas drop table. If they add it to IDD (100 weekly entries), people will use bots to farm it and sell for kinah.
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