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  1. Do you guys even expect decent things from these clowns? lmao This game is probably managed by a 10 years old troll kid. giving orders to monkeys.
  2. A returning player hardly will get ultimate contract and rank S minion, unle$$ you like to waste money in a game where the people behind it doesn't give a shit about the players. Some people play this shit for years and still don't have ultimate transformation and / or rank S minion. My advice is: uninstall now, and don't waste your time. Even if you p2w super hard and play a lot, you will never catch up to top players, and will get killed by 2~3 skills from enemy player. The more events and promotions you miss (and since you're a returning player, you probably missed a
  3. Minions have auto-loot feature for a reason.
  4. Hey guys, if someone steals money you are not using or forgot to use, it's your fault, for not using it. /s
  5. That person is just stupid, ignore it. They mentioned they were going to remove the materials from the instance, but never mentioned existing bundles. Removing rewards that players ALREADY HAVE is NEVER the right move. What if a player is sick and can't play, then comes back and open their (now) useless bundles? Are they lazy, too? Would be their fault for being sick? Not everyone can predict ncwest high levels of stupidity.
  6. True. They're so bad at it, for a moment I forgot they had people who were supposed to maintain the game and stuff like that. Imagine being paid for making mistakes. Where do I apply? lmao
  7. It does sounds stupid, but it is one of the easiest way to farm kinah, so what players were supposed to do? lol Not normal players, bots caused it. No need, when you can get 7 days Trial Prestige Pass for free on the shop. You can simply make new account and have 12 alts.
  8. Sadly, they don't care. They just do whatever is easier, and players get f.ucked every time.
  9. Didn't luna had way better craftable rewards then, also? (Not sure, since I didn't play 5.0 or whatever patch luna was introduced). My point is, now we get shitty rewards, and it requires way more effort. So... yay... progress...
  10. How so? The game is literally designed like it. Every single player that don't have lots of alts or a good credit card (or both) will always be left behind, progress wise. If they didn't want it to be like this, they would make it differently. Who cares anyway.
  11. Even then, their announcements are still vague and I personally thought they would remove the bag from instance aka make it not dropping anything. Removing rewards from players that simply didn't had time to open bundles or have multiple accounts and have no time for this s.hit, is just a extremely dumb move. On my PoV they should have just disabled the instance completely to avoid all the confusion. But again, when they do anything correctly? Anyway, we are just wasting words, they don't give a s.hit about anything we say.
  12. I do have 12 chars with ultimate gear for doing Splinter. But I hate long-time taking repetition things. Doing the same thing over and over is just awful/triggering (especially in a game that is not worth it). At least luna was afk, so I could just alt tab and do some something else. Laugh all you want, if you enjoy killing thousands of mobs, instead of being able to do something else while you did afk lunas, wow, you're so smart, wow. And guess what? People who used to bot luna, will still use bot for killing mobs now. The only people affected was the ones who have to do all this s.hit
  13. No. They could have actually remove the Contaminated Underpath completely, or make the bundle not drop from it when it ends, or they could have turned old bundles into new bundles THEN turn the old bundles (if it's still dropping from Contaminated Underpath) useless. They had options, but no brain cells.
  14. Hell no. I'll never farm luna in 12 characters ever again. I barely even do the lugbug weekly in 3 chars, and it makes me wanna die. To think it was an afk activity before... Now I'd need to manually kill 600 mobs daily. 4200 weekly. 16800 monthly. H E L L N O. I know they don't fcking care if their stupid af changes hurts legit players, but it's just too much. Maybe it would be bearable if the amount of mobs were reduced to 5 or if they finally implement auto-hunt system. OR make the mobs from the Garden of Growth count in that Lugbug mission and make the instance
  15. Sometimes I can't even believe it's a game made and distributed by a billionaire company. It's a joke, and not even a funny one. For all of you that spent thousand of dollars in this game, how does it feel to spent in a game that is their bottom priority? A game that will 100% die, simply because they refuse to improve it and even try to listen to players?
  16. Genius idea: "destroying" all the maps and then recycling one by one as new content, so you don't have to invest money in creating actually new things. Anyone knows where is the entrance to Atreia's trashcan for maps? I wanna visit some of the old maps stored there. I bet they will bring Reshanta back at some point, after all, it's still all there, ready for recycling.
  17. It might be a bug due to the fact that the reset is in 18min and we were not supposed to get the bundle yet, but I could be wrong and they nyerked up once again, as expected
  18. Meanwhile KR is getting new maps and new Ultimate transforms. Zikel looks cool. Nazekan is kinda weird tho And apparently they will be Event-farmable(?) IDK, gotta wait for more info. Honestly, we'll probably not even get this update, the game is so dead now. Even if we do, by the time we get it, servers will be closing.
  19. True, I've seen it. Also, I'm pretty sure they can also come with (if there isn't one already!) a script for farming legendary gear box in pf and idd.
  20. They don't need to kill lvl 80 mobs. And SM in ANCIENT GEAR can even kill that weekly Spy BOSS in pet build. Bots can easily make a new script for farming marks (they already can auto-run udas, so it's even easier) and then get lvl 4 renown (auto do quests) for getting ultimate gear. It's like a bacteria you try to fight, and it keeps getting stronger. But here they have the power to end it, but they are just dumb or lazy, I'm not even sure anymore.
  21. If only they had enough brain cells to make all the 3rd part programs stop working, and ban all the accounts that ever use it again, the game would NEVER be in this situation in the first place. If they ever want this game to work as it was supposed to be, they need someone with a brain working on it all the time, to suppress all the hacking and s.hit to a point people stop using 3rd part programs completely. But I believe it will never happen, so they will probably milk players the max they can, make a few more promotions to the extra dumb ones waste thousands a few more times, the
  22. Unless the consumables are inside the mobs' azz, I don't think so. :c The only mission that requires to kill mobs and we have it every single day available is the kill 50 mobs in Gelk for asmo / Ingg for Elys. What is going to happen is that all decent geared bots that spawned in Panda/Sanctum for luna boting, will now appear in Gelk/Ingg, so yay more lag. Congrats on giving bots a new purpose, Ncwest! You made it! You slowed them down for a bit! I was wondering if they are already making a script to gear up alts with ultimate heatguard gear or something like that.
  23. Ncwest greedy? OMG! Imagine that. I'm shook.
  24. Can I have some of the whatever you guys from Ncwest are smoking? I need to relax, have dumb ideas and sit still laughing at players' faces, too. What about punishing ONLY the ones that are causing the problem? LOL You don't need to shoot and kill an entire population to kill some targets, you know. Also, you really think it will be the end of bots/kinah sellers? lol They always find a way. By the next day there will be a script for doing whatever lugbug Mission you guys put the luna on. They don't give up so easily like you do. Because you people never find a way to make
  25. Awful thing to say, but I'm kinda ok with hard mode not dropping renown tonic, since my inventory is almost full all the time.
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