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  1. Frigida pfhm, new record?

    ^ wow, that's some high level detective skills right there. /s
  2. Frigida pfhm, new record?

    <sarcasm> This group is doing nothing wrong, They just make part of a vibrant community with encoraged social interaction. Isn't it what this game is all about? So adorable, sharing even their hacks. Someone should set them as a example in a producer's letter or something. </sarcasm>
  3. Reset wiped Lugbug Event Mission progress

    Kill 7K mobs? If you want us to be bots, at least give us the tools.
  4. If there was only a few complaining, it wouldn't be a big issue, but so many are unhappy with the RNG nyerking us over and over, so many quit already. Ultimate transform make a HUGE difference in endgame content (both pvp and pve). If you don't know what you're talking abou, pls stfu. ty.
  5. SellUltiAltAccountAndP2WOnYourMainAccountNextEvent you're welcome.
  6. Random server maintenance

    Yeah, I got confused with time zones. When I saw the announcement in-game my brain was like:
  7. Random server maintenance

    Why is maintenance going to happen during Altar Siege time? @Kibbelz @Loki It could be moved to one hour later. I get that you will never tell us why the maintenance was needed in the first place, but doing it at the same time as Altar Siege is just a bad move.
  8. Happy S---t day !!

    I kind of understand all the rage, but I'm sure the person that is really responsible for making final decisions doesn't even read the forums (or is just extremally good at ignoring). What is really sad is that there is a list with popularity ranks (things they should be prioritizing to change), and it has RNG in first place, Transformation in third place, and Event in fifth. Yet they made an Event that is pure RNG and only a few will get the Transformation. Even the P2W event is pure RNG. Will it ever end? Also... 1 dice per account weekly is just.. I don't know... It should be 1 per char, or have some extra dice in the prestige login reward.
  9. Deava Ranger Event Question

    nope, it stays in the cube quest https://aioncodex.com/us/item/186020058/ not sure if there's a hidden quest or something...
  10. How dare you to remove the Corgi?
  11. Good thing blocking also works...
  12. New anniversary coin

    and 3 from daily quest in dream land
  13. NA: Removes Auto-hunt Also NA in an Event: kIlL7000 mObS
  14. Renown

    And we'll need renown lvl 9 in Gelk and Ingg to buy extra glyph shards in 7.7 T_T
  15. Transformation Update

    To demand beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary is to be a Karen to me. Idc about the stereotypes.
  16. Transformation Update

    Can someone give a kaisinel to this karen, so we can have peace ty
  17. Transformation Update

    GZ ncsoft on pissing off all of your customers even further. Also, being silent about it doesn't help. People need ANSWERS. Or are you guys paid to nyerk people off? If that's the case, I'm sorry, good job.
  18. Event

    9/30 ends the class master event (supposedly), but the sellers are gonna to stay for longer. They don't really put dates anymore, so they don't have to ninja-edit stuff later.
  19. Feedback: Event Thread

    Especially berdins!!! Make them nastily comum. And let's just ignore that one person who plays the game for reasons that makes no sense, and then comes here asking for even more non-sense requests. Jesus, when will it stop?
  20. [Aion 7.7] Preparing for the new update

    Debilkarim in Lower Udas Temple drops one extractor, also (not always). Plus, you can buy another, if you sell the ancient gear from the box it drops. (But we'll also need it for stupid collections then, do idk >.<)
  21. Transformation Update

    Nothing game breaking? Imagine that: having both your cast and atk speed capped, and even if you are slowed, you are not slowed if compared to the speed of some legendary transformations. Have you ever tried to run from a player with 12.0 speed when yours is 10~11ish? lmao Also, atk speed. If you are a SM, you should know this. It changes your game-play completely.
  22. Feedback: Event Thread

    Sure, bring PvP Events. I even have an idea for a quest!! [Event] PvP Quest description: Get insta killed by enemy players and their Zergs (30/30) Quest completed.
  23. Anniversary in EU and more!

  24. Nightmare coin survey

    Yes, but the Sovereign gear from this event can be selected. For the ones that are maxed in every aspect of the game and don't wanna rely on rng boxes from instance in the future (except BENM), it would help. Not my case tho, I'm just trying to enchant my stigs.